Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Hometown: Tengzhou
by Zhang Lu Wen, Takushoku University

Photo by and copyright 2007 Derek Ramsey

You should visit my hometown of Tengzhou. It's a great place to go for a vacation. First, I'm going to tell you its location and it's history. Then I'm going to tell you what it's famous for.
My hometown is southwest of Shandong province in China. It's near Qingdao. The city occupies an area of 1485 square kilometers. The population is one million, five hundred and sixty-eight thousand, one hundred and fifty-six.

Now I'll tell you the meaning of Tengzhou and the history of Tengzhou. Teng in Chinese implies that the water rushes forward. During the Qin dynasty, Teng county was set up. In 1988 this place was named Tengzhou City . You can get there by train or bus and if you come from abroad, first you can go to Qing Dao by airplane and then take a bus to go to my hometown Well, now you know where my hometown is. Next I'll tell you what it's famous for.

Tengzhou is famous for lotus flowers. There is a river across from my hometown. The river is full of lotus flowers. When the lotus flowers open it is very beautiful. If you want to see it, you must go there in summer.

Photo by Shin

Another thing that makes Tengzhou famous is that there are many very old temples there. Many were built for Mozi. Mozi was a native of Xiaozhu in the ancient Lu state where Mushi town in Tengzhou is located now. He was a great thinker, statesman, educator, scientist and social activist. When you visit the Mozi temple, you can learn his period's culture.

Finally, I'll tell you two more things about my hometown. First,"Sha" soup is very delicious in my hometown. Second, my hometown abounds with peanuts. I really like it. I hope you visit Tengzhou soon.

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