Thursday, April 24, 2014

Writing 2 Spring 2014: Welcome

Hello everyone, welcome to the University of Tsukuba. Today I'm going to introduce you to the course. Please click the link to download the course outline.

This is an academic writing class, so we will be using academic English. We will study academic English using an online vocabulary learning application called Quizlet. Please click the link to download a document that will help you get started with Quizlet. Next, please click the link to join our class on Quizlet.

Look at the picture on the left. This is the course book we will use this semester. Please buy it at the book store. We will start using it next class.

Finally, please leave a comment. Introduce yourself to the class.


  1. Noriyuki Maekawa9:52 am

    My name is Noriyuki Maeakwa.
    My home town is Sapporo that have the largest population in towns where snow well.
    I love Sapporo because it is cool in summer and it have many parks.
    My major is social engineering. I study statistics and economic.
    I often read novels. my favorite novelists is Ira Ishida, Jun Ikeido, Jun Ito and Jou Sasaki.

    1. Hello Noriyuki,
      I have been to Sapporo. I liked it very much.

  2. kahori wada(和田佳保里)9:52 am

    Hello. I'm kahori wada. I'm from Shizuoka. I'm interested in English grammer so I major in linguistics. Thought I like English, I'm not good at speaking and listening. 
    My hobby is calligraphy so I am a member of calligraphy club. I'm planning to take calligraphy license because I would like to teach.

    1. Hi Kahori, I'd love to be your calligraphy student.
      Also, thank you for sending me the photo of the whiteboard today. I really appreciate it.

  3. yuki mori9:53 am

    hello,I am Yuki Mori. I'm from Hyogo prefecture.Hyogo is next to Osaka.I'll tell you about famous spots in Hyogo.The longest suspension bridge;Akashi kaikyou oohashi was build between Akashi and Awaji island.Himeji castle is so beautiful.It is world heritage.

    1. Hi Yuki,
      I still haven't been to Himeji Castle. I want to go there.

  4. Hello!
    My name is Takashi Sugimoto. I'm 23 years old. I'm from Gifu.I like tennis.
    Nice to meet you !

    1. Hi Takashi,
      My in-laws live in Gifu. I have been there many times. Actually, I was married at Inaba-jinja. I like Gifu very much. I have some very good friends there.

  5. Haruka Narita(成田陽香)9:53 am

    My name is Haruka Narita. My friends call me Nariharu. I`m from Akita. Akita is famous for kiritampo(food) and namahage(event). They are traditional things. Please visit Akita in winter. I major in comparative culture. Especially, I'm interested in Japanese literature.
    I'm looking forward to this class!

    1. Hi Haruka,
      My favourite Japanese rice is Akita Komachi. That's all I buy for my home.

  6. Yui Ebihara9:54 am

    Hello, my name is Yui Ebihara.
    I have lived in Bando City of Ibaraki prefecture since I was bone.
    I'm a student of the humanity course. I'll major in Chinese linguistics.
    My hobbies are watching baseball and football games. Especially, I like Fukuoka Softbank Hawks and Chelsea FC.
    My mother also likes watching football, so we go to Europe to watch football in stadiums every summer vacation. We have been to London and Barcelona. During the next summer vacation, we want to go to Italy to see Honda.

    1. Hi Yui,
      I like Liverpool. I think Liverpool will win the premiership this year.

  7. Chie Hasegawa9:54 am

    I'm Chie Hasegawa. I'm from Moriya city, so I use Tsukuba Express every day to come to University of Tsukuba.
    My department is Comparative Cultures and my major is Japanese literature.
    I like to watch musicals very much. I'm going to watch Lady Bess on Saturday.

    1. Hi Chie,
      I like some musicals too. My friend in London is an actor. I saw him in the West End in a play called Top Hat. He is in Jersey Boys now ( If you go to London again, please tell me, and I can ask him to reserve tickets for you.

  8. Harima Yuri9:54 am

    My name is Harima Yuri.
    I'm student of the department of humanities.
    My major is Chinese history, so I'm studying classical Chinese and Chinese language very hard.
    These are very hard, but also very interesting!

    I belong to folklore circle.
    In this circle, I play South America's music.

    I'm come from Chiba Prefecture, Noda City.
    I don't live in Tsukuba so I have to commute school by train(TX) and bus.
    Noda is famous for soy sauce.
    Soy sauce is very important seasoning for Japanese.

    We area family of six.
    My mother's father and mother, father, mother, little brother, and I.

    Here time is over.
    Nice to meet you!

    1. Hi Yuri,
      I am interested in South American music, for example: tango, and bossa nova.

  9. Megumi Nishikawa9:54 am

    Hello, my name is Megumi Nishikawa. I'm from Wakayama prefecture. Wakayama is next to Osaka. My department is comparative cultures, and I am going major in American literature next year.
    My hobby is watching movies. I especially like American movies. Also, my another hobby is Japanese calligraphy. I belong to Japanese calligraphy club in University of Tsukuba. I want to be an English teacher in the future, so I am studying English hard. Nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Megumi,
      I'm delighted to know that you want to be an English teacher.

  10. KentaWakasa9:54 am

    My name is Kenta. I'm from ISHIKAWA. I am majoring in information science.
    Last year , I had your class. My English skill is very poor. I'd like to learn English with this classmate.

    1. Hi Kenta,
      I'm glad you decided to take another class with me. I'm sorry you don't feel that your English improved after taking the last class with me.

  11. Manami9:55 am

    My name is Manami Kobayashi. I'm a student of conparable culuture.
    I'm from Saitama Misato city.I'm living in Ichinoya dormitory now.
    I belong to boat club of the university of Tsukuba. We practice in Kasumigaura from 6 am to 7am.

    1. Hi Manami,
      The boat club sounds interesting, but it must be hard to practice so early.

  12. yuria suzuki9:55 am

    Hello Mr.Michael ! My name is Yuria Suzuki. I took your class last year. Do you remember me?
    Anyway, I major knowledge and library science but I can take this class. I think it is lucky because teacher of this class is you and I have not to worry about teacher's character.
    I come to the university from my parents' home and it took about 2 hours. Although it is hard for me to get up early and attend this class, I would like to try hard.

    1. Hi Yuria,
      Thank you for taking my class again. I remember your name. Next class I find you so I can remember your face too.
      It takes me two hours to get to Tsukuba too. I take three trains. I understand exactly how you feel.

  13. I want to improve my English skill.
    I like to play basketball very much.
    I live in Tsukuba 21years. I love Tsukuba.
    A spot that I like in Tsukuba is Tsukuba station. I want Mr,Michael to visit there.

    1. Hi Yuki,
      I go to Tsukuba station every week. I like an Indian restaurant near the station called Saino.

  14. toya oshiro9:55 am

    Hello,I'm Toya Oshiro.
    I'm from Okinawa located south of Tsukuba (Chiba ,too) by, I think,around 1500km.
    It's far for me to board a plane to go back to my hometown if I want to head for there and to go touring riding my bicycle, which I didn't bring to Tsukuba.
    I don't like bording plane packing into a tiny chair, so I wish I would be rich enough to get a ticket of first class of ANA, JAL so on.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Toya,
      I have been to Okinawa. I like goya chanpo.

  15. Hello.
    My name is Yoshiyuki Muta. I lived in Chiba before enter this university.My major is Engineering Science.I'm little poor in English but I would like to do my best.

    1. Hi Yoshiyuki,
      Is Motoki Maiko your pen name?

  16. Tomomi9:55 am

    My name is Tomomi. I'm from Ibaraki prefecture and live in Tsukuba city now.
    I major in disability science in this university.
    I like to play some instrumental and read comics.
    Nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Tomomi,
      Disability Science! Wow! I didn't know this course of study was available in Japan. I think that the University of Tsukuba must be one of the very few universities with a College of Disability Science

  17. Hello, my name is MIYUKI Krosawa. I take your class for the first time. I'm from northern part of Ibaraki prefecture . I come to university of Tsukuba to learn linguistics. Especially, I'm interested in the Japanese language.
    I'm not good at English, so I want to progress my writing skill!

    1. Hi Miyuki,
      I'm sure your English writing skill will improve. When you need help, just let me know.

  18. sato fumika9:56 am

    hello. my name is fumika. i'm from iware.
    my hobby is trekking. i like mountains and nature .
    i study religion.

    1. Hi Fumika,
      I'm interested in religion too.

  19. My name is Yuki Ikeda.
    I like sports and I play tennis five a week.
    My hobby is seeing soccer, baseball, golf and basketball.
    I like doing sports very match, and I like watching sports, too.

    1. Hi Yuki,
      I enjoy playing golf, but I have only played once in Japan. It's difficult to golf in Japan.

  20. Satoru Iba9:56 am

    Hello, my name is Satoru Iba. My major is physics. I belong to the tsukuba cycling club, and I enjoy it. Sorry, My english skill is bad.

    1. Hi Satoru,
      You don't need to apologise. If you make an effort, your English will improve. Please let me know if you need help.

  21. mantaro9:56 am

    Hello teacher
    My name is Fumimasa Yamashita.I'm from Aichi prefecture.
    I major in Japanese cultural history.Japanese culture is interesting in every eras.
    And I belong to tsukuba trampoline club.I like to jump on trampoline althouth I am beginner of trampoline.
    I want to ask where are you from?What do you major in?


    1. Hello Fumimasa,
      Please call me Michael. I'm from Toronto, Canada, which is about a 2 hour drive from Niagara Falls. My major in university was English Literature. In graduate school I studied Teaching English to Students of other Languages (TESOL).

  22. Hello.
    My name is Yoshiyuki Muta. I lived in Chiba before enter this university.My major is Engineering Science.I'm little poor in English but I would like to do my best.

  23. My name is goat.
    I,m 19 year's old.
    I am a university of Tsukuba.
    I came from Fukui.
    I like musical.
    I learn about Japanese classical literature.
    I interesting in the Middle Ages literature.
    I study Chinese.
    But I can't use Chinese very well.
    Chinese's pronunciation is very difficult.
    I can't distinguish it.
    I have a dog.
    He is 7 year's old.
    He is dachshund.
    He is very cute!
    I belong to musical club.

    1. Hello Goat. That's an interesting pen name!

  24. Yushiro Miyamoto9:56 am

    My name is Yushiro Miyamoto. I am student of Humanity.
    I want to major Japanese modern histry(about WW2) or French philosophy......I am irresolute. I will decide my major within 1 years.......

    I like reading books. its my best hobby.Latest my target is reading many English books and journals.
    Supecially,I like read SF.Did you read 『Genocidal Organ』by Itoh keikaku?it is very interesting.

    1. Hi Yushiro,
      I haven't read Genocidal Organ yet, but I just downloaded the Kindle version to my iPad. Thanks for the tip!

  25. Souta Kihara9:57 am

    Hello,Mr.Stout. My name is Souta Kihara. I like both watching and playing soccer.
    This year, we have a big event called World Cup. So, I am looking forward in the games!
    Your class is very interesting and so useful for me. I will study English hard and do more quizlet. Thank you.

    1. Hello Souta,
      I'm glad that you are enjoying the class. I'm happy to hear you want to use Quizlet too.

  26. Hello, Mr.Stout.
    I live in Kasumigaura city in Ibaraki, it is on the north of the lake Kasumigaura. There is nothing except nature.
    I like drawing pictures, playing the piano, and seeing moss. And now I study Chinese for second foreign language. I'm planning to travel in Taiwan with may friends, so I have to study more hard. I'm looking forward to eat many delicious food.
    By the way, recently I like watching SHERLOCK the British TV drama. It is very exciting.

    1. Hi Maki,
      I haven't watched the new British T.V. series called Sherlock yet. I will watch it soon. I like the American series Elementary

  27. Tomoka Fujita9:58 am

    Hello, My name is Tomoka Fujita.
    I'm 19 years old.
    I came from Hyogo prefecture. Have you ever been to Hyogo? It is famou for Kobe, Koshien stadium, and so on.
    My major is comparative culture course.
    I like studying culture.

    My favorite sports is volleyball, so I belong to the volleyball-doukoukai.
    I practice it three times a week.

    I'm looking forward to studying with you.
    Thank you for reading.


    1. Hi Tomoka,
      I have been to Kobe. I went for a teaching conference, so I didn't see too much. I want to eat Kobe beef, but it is very expensive.

  28. Kumiko Kawai9:59 am

    Hello! My name is Kumiko Kawai. Nice to meet you.
    I'm from Shizuoka where is famous for green tea.
    My major is Media Arts,Science and Technology and I'm interested in voice processing because I like music. I like listen to music and sing a song!
    I belong to Karuta club.Karuta is traditional Japanese playing cards. I enjoy Karuta in this club!

    1. Hi Kumiko,
      I like music very much too.

  29. Takishita Yuko10:00 am

    Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Takishita Yuko. I'm from Shizuoka, where is famous for green tea. My grandfather makes green tea, so I like it very much. I'm majoring Media Arts, Science and Technology. I like computer game so much, so I would like to be expert of computer science and computer graphics and so on. I tried Quizlet and I can't answer many of these question. I understand that I don't have rich vocabulary, so I would like to learn academic words. Thank you.

    1. Hi Takishita,
      Quizlet isn't a test. If you use Quizlet your vocabulary will get bigger. Do your best!

  30. Katsuhito Chiba4:17 pm

    Hello. My name is Katsuhito Chiba.
    I`m from Chiba. I moved to Tsukuba last year.
    I belong to knowledge of library and information science.
    I would like to introduce to myself.
    I like sports both of playing and watching. But I don`t like baseball!
    I can`t hit the ball with the bat. I wont to be taught how to hit the ball!
    I have food which is my worst food.
    This is chocolate!
    If I eat chocolate I should feel sick.
    I think chocolate is not need in my life.
    Finally, I will do my best in this class.
    I beg your kindness.

    1. Hi Katsuhito,
      I can't hit a baseball either.

  31. Haruki Isono5:56 pm

    Hello. Nice to meet you.
    My name is Haruki Isono.
    Excuse me for being late to publish this comment.
    I graduated the college of art and design,the University of Tsukuba this year,
    and re-entered the college of humanity.
    Then, I'm at 2nd grade here.
    I'll major in linguistics.
    I'm not as good at English as the other students, but I'll do my best.

    1. Hi Haruki,
      I would love to see your art. You can see some of my art here: