Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Presentation 2 Spring 2014: Welcome!

Hello everyone, Welcome. Thank you for choosing Presentation 2. Today I'm going to tell you about the course. Please click the link to download the course outline. In this course you will make three presentations. You will make all your presentations using an online tool called Voicethread. The first presentation is a self introduction presentation. Let's watch a great presentation made last semester.

Your second presentation will be a group presentation. You will make a presentation about this university. You will describe the faculty you belong to and tell us about your major too. Your third presentation will also be a group presentation. You will make the presentation on a topic of your choice.

Also, starting next week, we will use a great online tool called English Central. You will need to make a premium account. In order to make a premium account, you need to go to the bookstore on campus and buy the voucher shown below.

OK, that's all for today. See you next week!


  1. kyoutaro11:25 am

    My name is Kyoutaro.
    I'm from Okinawa.
    major in psychology.
    like watching movie especially Kubrick's films.

  2. Hello everyone.

    My name is Kubo.I am from Saitama. Do you know Saitama? here is one of the most hot place but I love my home hometown. By the way, My parents run a Italian restaurant. So if you OK, please go to my house to eat.

    And my major is International relationships.

    Lastly my interesting is to do a speech in English. I established Speech section inTsukuba ESS. So I am really looking forward to attending this class.

    Nice to see you guys. Thank you.

  3. Hello.
    My name is Itou.
    I'm from Sapporo in Hokkaido
    My major in this university is psychology.
    My favorite pastime is singing accompanied with acoustic guitar played by myself.
    I like Neil Young!

  4. Ryuichi Konda1:22 pm

    I am Ryuichi Konda. Nice to meet you.
    I'll do my best in this class.

  5. Azusa1:24 pm

    Hello. I'm Azusa.
    I'm major in geography.
    My hometown is Tokyo. And my high school was near Ueno Zoo.
    I like watching stars, going to museums and playing the piano.

  6. hello, my name is Momoko. i'm going to take this class in this semester. i'm junior(school didnt let me take the class last year but finally !)
    my major is comparative culture and study about japanese pop culture especially Ghibli movies.
    i am originally from okinawa but moved a few times, to Mie and Kumamoto. i was in Tsukuba from 2nd grade in elementary school to 3rd grade in jhs. i went back to Okinawa and spend my high school life there and i studied in Texas for a year when i was 18. now im back again in tsukuba! So complicated but that's my life..
    i belong to Shamisen club, please come and see our performance someday.
    thank you so much and nice to meet you.

  7. Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Kosaku. I'm from Saitama. I major engineering science. Today I was very happy, because I could hear your interesting talking. i'm looking forward to doing the next class.

  8. Mingshan1:24 pm

    My name is Han Mingshan. I come from China. I'm a international student. I have been to Japan for 2 years and a half. My major is Management Science and Engineering.My dream is finishing my master degree in Canada. Nice to meet you!!

  9. Chinatsu1:25 pm

    Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Chinatsu.My major is Earth science.My hometown is Saitama. Have you been to Saitama? There is a famous museum, Tetsudou Hakubutsukan, so please come to Saitama someday.

  10. Wataru1:25 pm

    Hello. My name is Wataru . Nice to meet you !
    My home town is Mie Pref, next to Gifu Pref.
    I belong to college of earth-science.
    I want to study geography of human activity.

  11. Hello! My name is Shunsuke.
    I major in Policy and Planning Sciences in University of Tsukuba.
    My home town is also Ibaraki and I go to the University by car.
    Recently, I didn't study English, but I came to want to study English.
    So, I selected this class. Nice to meet you.

  12. Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Liu weiqi and I come from China. My major is Management Science and Engineering. I like play League of Legend. (Windows 8 usually freezes when I`m playing it, which makes me hate Microsoft more.) I love American TV series such as The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. That`s it for now. I`ll make some addition later if I come up with anything else. Thank you.

  13. Akira1:26 pm

    Hello I'm Akira. When i was 1st grade,I belonged to Physics,but now i change my major
    so now i specialize in Energy engineering.
    I love Death metal and Goregrind music,and i play the bass in my band of goregrind.

  14. Hello!! My name is Motoharu.
    Last year I was taught by micheal.
    I want to be taught by him this year too.
    So I attend this class.
    I am not good at speaking English.
    Please go easy on me:)
    Nice to meet you!!!

  15. Hiromi1:27 pm

    Hello. I'm Hiromi. Nice to meet you.
    My major is Policy and Planning Sciences. I learn city planning.
    I'm from Kyoto! So I can speak "Kansaiben".
    I belong to the Ice Hockey Team.
    I'm bad at English but I want to do my best.

  16. Kohei1:27 pm

    Nice to meet you. My name is Kohei.
    I'm from Matsuyama in Ehime prefecture. It is in the west of Japan.
    When I was high school student, I played baseball.
    I like watching TV and movies.
    I major in geography in this university.

  17. Shintaroh1:28 pm

    Hello, I am Shintaroh.
    I have not registered this course yet but I'm glad to meet you, Michael!
    So I must do it as soon as possible though I have part-time job till tonight.
    Anyway, I'm sure to learn the way to do good presentations to very many people!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you again next week!

  18. Junya1:28 pm

    Hello, My name is Junya!
    My major education in Tsukuba University is Social Engineering.
    My hometown is Koriyama in Fukushima.
    My favorite pastime is playing euphonium, brass instrument, in the wind orchestra club.
    Thank you!

  19. Hello, I'm Koki. My major is industrial engineering and I have studied management. My hometown is Fukushima. Do you know where is Fukushima? It lies north of Ibaraki. I like cooking and eating foods. Nice to meet you.

  20. Hello,I'm Chikako. Nice to me to you.
    My major in University of Tsukuba is Policy and Planning Science.
    I'm from Gifu. I'm 19 years old.
    My hobbies are reading, Igo game and calligraphypenmanship.
    I'm not good at English, but I will do my best in this class.

  21. Nice to meet you,Mr.Stout.
    I am Shogo Ishii from Kyoto.
    I belong to college of geoscience because I am interested in geology.
    Respectfully yours.

  22. Ryuya1:32 pm

    Hello, I'm Ryuya. I have taken your class on Wednesday. My major is geography. My hometown is Maebashi,Gumma. I like to go on a trip by train and bike. I got a driver's license last summer, so I want to go for a drive.

  23. Hello!!My name is Motoharu.
    Last year I attended Micheal's class.
    I want to attend his class this year too.
    So I attend this class.
    I am not good at speaking English.
    Please go easy on me:)
    Nice to meet you!!

  24. Ginta1:33 pm

    I'm Ginta and my hometown is Tokyo.
    I major in earth science. Now I study various fields of earth science such as tomography, meteorology and hydrology. Among them, I am interested in meteorology.
    Nice to meet you!