Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Integrated English I for Art & Design Majors (Class B) and Life and Environmental Science Majors (Class C1): Welcome!

Hello everyone, welcome to the University of Tsukuba!
Today I am going to introduce you to this class. Please click the link to download your course outline.
Look at the picture on the left. That is our textbook. There are two stories in the textbook. This semester we will be reading an discussing the first story, "The Inverted Eagle", but first, let's study some vocabulary. We will study vocabulary this semester using an online tool called Quizlet. Please click the link to learn how to get started with Quizlet. I have created classes for you on Quizlet. Click the link for your class to join:

Art & Design Majors (Class B)
Life & Environmental Science Majors

Ok, now, let's study vocabulary for 5 minutes.

Next, let's talk about reading. Do you enjoy reading? What are your reading habits. Please click the link to download a work sheet.
That's all for today. Please read chapter 1. Our first quiz is next class. Have a great Golden Week!

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