Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Presentation 1 Spring 2014: Welcome!

Hello everyone, welcome to Presentation 1.
Today I am going to introduce you to the course. Let's look at the course outline.
Look at the picture on the left. This is the text book we will use. I hope you have bought it. If not, please buy it as soon as possible. We will be using it starting next class. This semester we will learn the basics of how to give 5 types of presentations: an informative presentation, a layout presentation, a demonstration presentation, a comparison demonstration and a persuasive presentation.

First, lets look at a bad presentation. Watch the presentation and take notes. What mistakes are the presenters making? Now let's watch another bad presentation.

Next week we will start our first presentation.
See ya!


  1. Hello everyone,
    I hope you enjoyed today's class. Please don't forget to buy the textbook.
    Thank you for all your comments. See you next class!

  2. My name is Ryota
    My major at Tsukuba University is psychology
    My hometown is Chiba
    I like watching and playing soccer

    1. Hi Ryota, why did you choose to study psychology?

  3. Hello.I'm Kanae.
    My major at Tsukuba University is psychology.
    My hometown is Sapporo,Hokkaido.
    I love cooking,eating,cycling,and sleeping!

  4. Kensuke11:24 am

    Hello, I'm Kensuke Hayashi.
    I'm from Asahikawa city in Hokkaido. The city is very cold and beautifully white in winter.
    My major in this university is psychology. However I like to study education rather than psychology. I like motorcycle but I don't have license yet. So, I'm going to get license and buy my own motorcycle in this summer. One goal of my life is to master English, Spanish, Germany. I will try to do my best and enjoy this class. Nice to see you!

  5. Hello Michael.
    I'm Yuta.
    I'm from Chosi in Chiba where is famous for fish.
    I major psychology.
    My interests are running , reading books and listening music.

  6. Tomohiro11:24 am

    Hello Michael.
    My name is Tomohiro.
    I'm from Miyazaki.
    I major in psychology.
    I like watching and playing American football.

  7. I'm Naoya.
    I'm from Obihiro in Hokkaido.
    My major is psychology.
    I like playing ground hockey.

  8. I'm maki sone.
    I'm from kanagawa.
    My major is psychology.
    My hobby is reading books

  9. Hello!!!:) Nice to meet you!!!
    My name is Akari and I'm from Kanagawa.
    My major in Tsukuba University is Psychology.
    I like singing sooooo much!!!

  10. Hello Michael.
    My name is Fuko.
    My major at Tsukuba University is psychology.
    I came from Osaka.
    I like reading.

  11. Mizuki11:26 am

    Hello, I'm Mizuki. My major is education and I'm sophomore. My hometown is Aichi, but I came from Brazil. I was living there for 5 years and half because my father worked in Sao Paulo. I really like playing the piano, cooking and reading books. Nice to meet you;)

  12. atsushi11:27 am

    Hello. My name is atsushi hayashi.
    I'm from chiba.
    My major is psychology, human science.
    My interesting is playing football.

  13. My name is Yuki.
    I'm majoring psychology.
    I'm from Saitama.
    I like watching animation.

  14. Tomohiko11:28 am

    Hello.My name is Tomohiko.
    Nice to meet you.
    My major at Tsukuba University is Psychology.
    I love tennis so much!!

  15. Hello Micheal.
    My name is Natsumi.
    I am from Tokyo.
    My major is psychology.
    I like walking with listening to music.

  16. Iwamoto Moe11:34 am

    my name is Moe Iwamoto.
    my major is disability sciences and social work.
    I'm a member of orchestra, university of tsukuba.
    I'm a contrabass-player.