Thursday, November 14, 2013

Presentation 2 Autumn 2013 Week 6: Introduction to Voicethread 2

Hello everyone, Today we are going to upload our Powerpoint slides to Voicethread. Look at the image below. Click the tap called "Create". Then click "Upload".

Next, click "My Computer". After that, select your powerpoint file and wait for it to be uploaded.

 When the upload is complete, please record your presentation. You record your presentation the same way that you commented on a presentation. First make a text comment. Copy and paste your text into the comment. Then comment again . This time make a voice recording. When you are finished, share your presentation. Go to your "My Voice" page. Then, drag and drop your presentation into our Tsukuba Dai group. Look at the image below.

Next week we will watch our classmates presentations and comment on them.


  1. Hi, Mr. Stout! I'm looking for to the presentations. This is exciting. This encourages feedback from the students. It's a very cool way to give feedback.

    1. Hello Mr. Valdez,
      Thank you for your comment. Are you a teacher?