Monday, November 11, 2013

CE-II Autumn 2013 Week 6: Going, going, gone

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to talk about endangered and extinct species. Can you name 10 or more extinct species? For example, Tyrannosaurus Rex is an extinct species. Can you name 10 endangered species? For example, the common chimpanzee is an endangered species.

Now let's study some vocabulary. Cross Cultural Awareness and English 2.

Now let's watch another interesting TED Talk. In this talk, Stewart Brand tells us that we now have the technology to bring some extinct species back to life. In other words, the movie Jurassic Park may not be science fiction anymore, but rather "science fact". What do you think? Is "de-extinction" a good idea? Should we bring extinct species back to life? What could be some of the consequences? Post your answer as a comment on this blog.


  1. Toshifumi.I12:20 am

    I think that "de-etinction" is not a good idea. First reason is that I think if we carry out "de-extinction", people who think that life is light because of "de-extinction" must kill more creatures. Second reason is that I think if we bring extinct species back to life , we could not teach others how important life is.

  2. Keisuke I9:59 am

    I think protecting endangered species is more important than bringing some extinct species back to life. Human beings annihilated many animals. We must not make animals extinct. If we bring some extinct species back to life, we lose the thinking that we must protect endangered species.

  3. akito i2:43 pm

    I don't think that idea is not good. Becaue I cannot understand the merit of de-extinction, why do we revive the extinct anmal? And we cannot overcome the ethical problems. Therefore i don't think de-extinction is good.

  4. Masayuki.N3:40 pm

    I think that "de-extinction" is a good idea. It is because that I want to see extinct species such as dinosaurs or mammoths for real. I would feel so excited if there was Jurasic Park. Furthermore, "de-extinction" will be able to recunstruct destroyed ecosystems by reviving some extinct species which were destroyed by overhunting.

  5. Yuto S9:07 pm

    I think "de-extinction" is not good idea. Because I think that if extinction animals back to life, the natural order at the present time will be broken. I want to see extinct animals, for example the Dinosaur, but it is OK if it's only in my dream.

  6. NayutaO11:34 pm

    I do not agree with de-extinction. Although it is glad for scientists and many people that extinct species back to life, it has the danger of losing natural balance. So, people should not revive an animal and should protect the animal which is likely to be extincted.

  7. Mayu N11:37 pm

    I think that "de-entinction" is bad idea. It is true that some extinction is not natural. Human killed many many species and made many many species extinct. But, it is also true that "de-extinction" is not natural either. Broken ecological system can't be rebuilt and shouldn't be done so. I'm not a scientist, but I think that we should't defy nature. So, I think that "de-extinct" shouldn't be done.

  8. Taishi.M11:39 pm

    I agree with him.We should make up for destroying ecology in the past.However,we cannot tell the effects on environment caused by de-extinction so we must do it as seriously as possible.

  9. Tomohito M12:16 am

    I don't think that "de-extinction" is a good idea.
    "De-extinction" will break ecosystem if many people use this technology.
    So, we shouldn't use the technology.

  10. Naoto.H12:50 am

    I think de-extinction is not a good idea because there is some possibility of destroyong an ecosystem by de-extinction. For this reason, if de-extinction are carried out, we should consider the way to use de-extinction.

  11. Yusuke I1:02 am

    I think it is risky that human restore to life of endengered animals because if human do it, they catch and kill those animals again. For endangered animals has values for human, animals were killed and endangered. But, I do not disagree with this idea entirely. Restoring to life of endengered animals is very wonderful and impressed.
    So, if human restore to life of endengered animals, human should protect these animals and consider an ecosystem with living animals.

  12. takahiro.M1:43 am

    I think that de-extinction is a good idea because many animals can live by it. Once an animal has died out, it can`t almost rise. So it`s better to try to protect animals from extinction than to exterminate them.

  13. Reiya N2:05 am

    I don't think "de-extinkction" is a good idea.
    Because if we bring extinct spcies back to life,we repeat extinct again,and we bring again and again.
    That doesn't say it is living.

  14. Ryohei.M3:52 am

    I think the de-extinction is good idea because the cause of extinctions is human activity.
    Before watching this video, I was worried about that de-extinction animals may be influence existent animals. But Stewart Brand says, " I think that's, you know, part of how it'll work. This is a long, slow process" and I could accept this opinion.
    So I think this idea is good.

  15. Yusuke.U7:34 am

    I don't think we should bring extinct species back to life.
    Species need parents and have practices inherited from generation to generation.
    I think if we bring extinct species back to life, they can't completely revive.
    I agree to prevent extinction.

  16. Hayato. O8:21 am

    I don't agree this idea because "de-extinction" may destroy nation which many animal are harmony with each other.

  17. Ryosei M10:29 am

    I think "de-extinction" should be done. It will help a lot of biological researching as a evolution.

  18. mami.u11:26 am

    I think that we shouldn't bring extinct species back to life. I have two reasons. First, if we can bring extinct all living things back to life, we wouldn't have to restrict the amount of a catch of fishing and hunting. Then we will forget the importance of life. Second, I think that we can live now because of extinction of dinosaurs. If dinosaurs come back to life again, human beings will extinct. For the reasons stated above, I'm against that bringing extinct species back to life.

  19. Ryunosuke.C11:40 am

    I think that de-extiction is not a good idea. I have two reasons. First, because it costs a lot to bing extinction animals back to life. Second, if they reborn, environment other animals live may be disturbed.

  20. Yutaro.S11:54 am

    I disagee with the opinion "de-extinction". Of course, it is important to have a dream. But if it realizes, environmental system would be broken. Possibly even a human being may be extinct. I don't think that it is a good world.

  21. Yuya K12:03 pm

    We should bring extinct species back to life. Because I think that a human being should revivify the extinct creature because of the human being.

  22. yuki S12:05 pm

    Yes. I think "de-extiction" a good idea.
    People have hunted animals for a long time. And we have technologies which enable us to revive extinct animals. So I think we fully make use of it. But we must estimate event and dangers from every angle.

  23. Kohei H12:05 pm

    I think we should not bring extinct species back to life.
    Because there is a possibility that The present ecosystem may be broken.
    There are many species extincted by environmental change , human and so on.
    Now, they are not part of present ecosystem. so if they are brought back to life,they may cause a big change that we can not imagine.

  24. Shunsuke K12:09 pm

    I think we should not bring extinct species back to life because if we brought extinct species , it bring many problems to us .

  25. Satsuki K12:17 pm

    I think it is good idea because many animal species extinct by human,so we should revive these species.

  26. I think de-extinction is not good idea.
    This is because extinct species may bring disaster in our society by bacteria , germ and themselves.

  27. Ryo S2:15 pm

    I think that de-extinction is a not good idea.Because it is possible that if we brought extinct species,they become extinct again for same cause

  28. Takuma.K8:40 pm

    I think de-extinction is not good idea.
    Because the natural environment has already completed now, this may be broken if we revive the extinct species.