Monday, November 18, 2013

CE-II Autumn 2013 Week 7: Down in the dumps

Hello everyone, Last week we talked about endangered and extinct species. Let''s review. Please click the link: CE-II Autumn 2013 Week 6.

Today we are going to read about the largest garbage dump in the Middle East. You can see a picture of Hiriya below. Hiriya is in Israel.

Downloaded from wikipedia
First let's study some vocabulary. Please click this link: Cross Cultural Awareness and English 2.

There is a park in Toronto that was once a garbage dump. It's called Centennial Park. You can see a picture of the ski hill in Centennial Park below. 

Centennial Park Ski Hill
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So, how do Japanese deal with garbage? According to the New York Times, over 80% of garbage in Japan is incinerated. Click here to see an interesting story about garbage in Japan by the New York Times: Trash in Japan - 44 types of garbage
What do you think of the way Japan deals with garbage? What do you think about sorting garbage? Please leave a comment below.


  1. Takuma.K10:44 pm

    I think sorting garbage is good idea.
    Of course, sorting garbage is troublesome, but it is important to recycle anything and reduce incinerated garbage.

  2. Taishi.M5:30 pm

    I think it is good to sort garbage because it may make people think more seriously about waste problem.

  3. Mayu N10:48 pm

    I think that the way Japan deals with garbage is very strict. It is true that we reduce garbage because Japan is a small country. But, this system seems that garbage is in a higher position than people. So, I think that.

  4. Keisuke I2:18 pm

    I think it is not good for the environment to burn garbage. Harmful substances are released into the environment by burning garbage.
    And I think sorting garbage is a good idea. Because recycling is indispensable for protecting natural resources. And people will consciously reduce garbage by sorting garbage.

  5. Naoto.H7:36 pm

    I think that sorting garbage is a good way. Bcause we can reuse resources and reduce amount of garbage by sorting garage. we should sort garbage to protect the environment.

  6. takahiro.M11:29 pm

    I think the way japan deals with garbage cannot help burning garbage because garbage in Japan is too much. If garbage is little, we can recycle all garbage. But in fact we take out garbage too much ,so we cannot help burning garbage.

  7. Yuto S12:12 am

    I agree to incineration since there is very much the amount of garbage in Japan.Therefore, I think separation should be firmly in order not to harm out naturally by incineration. I think consciousness of one person is very important.

  8. Yusuke I12:25 am

    I think garbage ploblem is very serious. If we pass over this ploblem, environmental pollution worsen more and more. To privent it, we should reduse, reuse and recycle. In dumped garbage, there are things which is still usable. To reduse the amount of garabage, we should try to buy only things we use, separate garbage and leave unfinished.

  9. Akito I12:25 am

    I think the way Japan deals with garbage is so troublesome but that is necessary. That means Japan does not have the resources so many so it is necessary to reduce the waste by separating the waste. And Japan does not have so much land therefor cannot use a land to deal with garbage.

  10. Tomoya.N12:27 am

    I think sorting garbage is important.
    It is wasteful that people dump the things which can be recycled.

  11. Yusuke.U1:22 am

    I think that Japan should recycle more garbage.
    The way to sort garbage is differ from place to place.
    So, the local community dealing with garbage should more announce and regulate the way to dump garbage.

  12. Masayuki.N2:06 am

    I think that the way Japan deals with garbage is good.
    It is because Japan is striving to reduce waste and increase recycling.
    However, it is going too far that Kamikatsu has raised the number of trash categories to 44.
    The residents may be tired of sorting garbage.
    I think that categorizing garbage sould be done moderately.

  13. Hayato. O7:37 am

    I think sorting garbage is a troublesome task, but it leads to environmental protection, for example recycling, reusing, and so on. So, I think the way Japan deals with garbage nice.

  14. Yuya K8:39 am

    I think that the way of Japan deals with garbage and sorting garbage is not so good. Bcause some people don't do.

  15. Ryo.S9:25 am

    I think Japan should decline the incinerated garbage. Because incinerating discharges many dioxin and it is said that the space of garbage dump will be full 10 years ago. Japan should consider the other way of dealing with garbage.

  16. Ryohei,M9:39 am

    I think that incinerating or exporting garbage is not best way.
    We should recycle and reuse because the resources are less than we will use them in long times.

  17. S.Yutaro9:42 am

    I think we should deal with garbage more seriously. Because we are able to deal with it. If it takes too much money, we should think of it carefully.

  18. Tomohito M9:50 am

    I agree with an idea of sorting garbage. It makes recycling easier. It is so important to reduce the amount of garbage.

  19. mami.u10:14 am

    I think it is good that the way Japan deals with garbage. Natural resources are limited so I think that we should recycle garbage even if recycling is costlier than incinerating. It is interesting classifying garbage into 44 types in Kamikatsu. I think that it is Japan that can dazzylying deals with garbage. We may be bother to classify garbage into 44 types but we should sort at least the garbage that can be recycled that cannot be recycled. In my hometown , we sort out burnable garbage from noncombustible garbage so I was surprised that in Tsukuba they treat all garbage as combustible garbage.

  20. Reiya.N10:38 am

    I think it is too strict.
    sorting is good but people living in there are reqested difficult thing.

  21. Momoko H11:14 am

    I think sorting garbage is nice idea.
    Of course, sorting garbage is complicated, but it has a good influence on the earth.

  22. Shunsuke K11:43 am

    I think the way Japan deal with garbage is good because sorting garbage is good for environment. Sorting 44 types of garbage is difficult but we should do it for environment.

  23. Toshifumi.I12:13 pm

    About the way of dealing with garbage, I think that it is insufficient. This is because much garbage is incinerated.
    About sorting garbage,I think that we should it. This is because environment is improved as long as we make the correct classification.

  24. I think it is good idea to sort garbage. but I do not think it is not good to sort "things have to burn".

  25. I think we should recycle garbage.

  26. Satsuki K12:18 pm

    I think it is very complicated for me.