Monday, November 25, 2013

CE-II Autumn 2013 Week 8: Free Bike Programs

#1040 abandoned bicycles
Bixi Toronto May 2011 Hello everyone, Last week we talked about trash. Look at the picture on the left. These are abandoned bicycles. Often, abandoned bicycles become trash in Japan. Many of the bicycles are in good shape, and they are still ridable. What a waste? In other cities, abandoned bicycles are reused. Throwing away perfectly good bicycles is a terrible waste and bad for the environment too, don't you think so? Free bike programmes are one example of how abandoned bicycles can be reused. Today we are going to read about a free bike programme in San Francisco.

Bixi, a bicycle sharing programme was developed in Montreal, Canada. Bixi has spread all over the world now. There is a Bixi system in my hometown, Toronto. If you visit Toronto you can get around the city on a Bixi bicycle. The cost is low. It's good exercise, and it's good for the environment.

Are there any environmentally friendly programmes in Japan to reuse abandoned bicycles? Do a Google search. Use these keywords for your search: abandoned, bicycles, Japan, programmes, reuse.
After that, post a comment here. Tell us about the programmes you found.
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  1. Taiga A12:19 pm

    I think recycling garbage is important, so the way Japan deals with garbage is good.
    I think we should recommend sorting garbage more to encourage recycling garbage.

  2. Keisuke.O1:28 pm

    We should reuse abandoned bicycles.
    In Japan, a lot of bicycles are abandoned.
    By reusing it, we can save money and reduce the amount of waste.

  3. Taishi.M5:08 pm

    In Niigata city,collected abandoned bicycles are repaired and people can use them.And in Minoh city,parts of abandoned bicycles are used for repairing citizens' bicycles.

  4. Ryohei M12:06 am

    I find a bicycle-reuse works in Katano-shi,Osaka.
    If someone want to abandon bicycle, He (or she) brings the bicycle to the environmental office of Katano, fill a document, and then put a label on the bicycle's handle.
    After that, staffs investigate bicycle or parts that still can be used. And they repair bicycles.

    How to make the reuse-bicycyle in Katano (written in Japanese)

  5. Yusuke.U7:54 am

    In Japan, abandoned bicycles are repaired to be sold,
    or some usable parts removed by them can use for repairing other bicycles.
    Some japanese non governmental organizations donate them to developing countries.

  6. Masayuki.N11:07 am

    There are some environmentally friendly programs in Japan to reuse abandoned bicycles. For example, a bicycle sharing program is done in Yokohama City. However, There are a small number of such programs in Japan. I think we should reuse abandoned bicycles more than before.

  7. Takuma.K6:44 pm

    There is a share bicycle program in Yokohama.
    In this program, people who registered members can use bicycles 6:00 to 22:00.
    It is required by 1050 yen per month in membership registration, and use of time once the bike is up to 60 minutes.
    Although there are limitations in this way, I think this program is a good thing for the environment.

  8. Keisuke I10:05 pm

    A private company collects disused bicycles and repair them. Repaired bicycles are exported to developing countries and reused.

  9. Ryunosuke.C10:21 pm

    A Japanese motorcycle dealer, opened a website called "" on October 1, 2007, to start its free bicycle rental service for college students, making use of illegally parked or abandoned bicycles that are removed from various places.
    I think that reusing can save money and is good for environment.

  10. Naoto.H10:24 pm

    I think reusing abandoned bicycles is good idea. Because this way enable to reuse resources and reduce the amount of garbage.
    In kitakyusyu, abandoned bicycles are collected and handed to bicycle shops.
    Bicycle shops fix those bicycle and sold them.

  11. Yusuke. I10:53 pm

    In the city of Kitakyusyu, if city remove left bicycle and the owner of the bicycle do not appear for six month, the left bicycles are transfered to an antique shop and a bicycle shop.
    The transfered bicycles are inspect to reuse and purchased by residents.
    In this way, Kitakyusyu city strive not to damage environment.

  12. Toshifumi.I11:22 pm

    There is a program which we can reuse bicyces by sharing bicycles for us to walk smoothly and to reduce abandoned bicyces in Utsunomiya in Japan.

  13. takahiro.M11:36 pm

    I think that rcycling abanded bicycles is good way because they are not garbage. If their part is broken, we can other part of theirs. we can make something by reusing it.

  14. Akito I12:02 am

    In Japan, many cities collect abandoned bicycles and repair them. And finally they sell cheap them to citizens. I think cities will not provide free bicycles but they reuse abandoned bicycles.

  15. Nayuta O12:39 am

    When the Great East Japan Earthquake occur, people who live in Osaka contributed the illegally parked bicycle for the stricken area.
    So, by reusing it , we can save people who want it.

  16. Yuya K12:52 am

    In Japan, abandoned bicycle is recycled and contributed to the developing country.
    I think that it is efficient.

  17. Mayu N1:10 am



    In Japan, countless numbers of bicycles are abandoned outside stations and on roadsides each year. Many bicycles will be turned into scrap metal and recycled. After a few repairs, they are put to effective use as a mode of transport for nurses and midwives in developing countries.

  18. Kohei H1:44 am

    I searched and found a program.
    It is that a local self-governing body recovers abandoned bicycles,and bicycle`s shops
    specified by the local self-governing body sell them.
    I think reducing garbage is very important. so think this program should spread.

  19. Momoko H2:00 am

    I found that the university of Tokyo distributes abandoned bicycles to students.
    I think it is a good system. Students get a bicycle a low price(only 500 hundred yen), and University doesn't have to take abandoned bicycle away.
    By the way, because our university is so large, bicycle is necessary for students of the university of Tsukuba. And it cause bicycles left around the university. The university introduces IC tag system to solute the problem. But there are no effect. I think if the university of Tsukuba introduces this system, it brings good results.

  20. Yuto S3:58 am

    In Numazu,Shizuoka, of the bike does not come to pick up even after the storage period, began in April 2013 in the business of playing as a bicycle reuse renewable bicycle. Bicycle store is reorganized bicycle and will re-sale. Price has become a fairly inexpensive.

  21. Hayato. O7:40 am

    In Ikebukuro, many bicycles are abandoned. To prevent that, an area for parking bicycles underground is constructed now.

  22. Tomohito M9:07 am

    In Japan, some local governments sell used bicycles which is abandoned for a while. I think the idea works well to reduce the amount of bicycles' garbage.

  23. Ryo.S9:13 am

    In Nigata city, it is fixed by the senior manpower center and the rental bicycle which NPO from which citizens become a subject manages is provided with the recalled illegally parked bicycle

  24. Mami.U10:41 am

    Reusing the abandoned bicycles has three patterns. One of the way is to make the parts of the abandoned bicycles into scrap iron. Recently, the price of iron is high so the burden of removing costs become low. Second is to lend the abandoned bicycles to residents and tourists. In Yokohama city, publishing advertisements in rental bicycles so Yokohama city gets advertising expenses. It is a good idea to decrease the burden of removing costs. Third is to give the abandoned bicycles to developing countries. the ways mentioned above are good reusing the abandoned bicycles, but It cost much money to remove the abandoned bicycles so It is important not to abandon our bicycles.

  25. Ryosei M11:06 am

    In Nothern Kyushu City, municipality collects abandoned bicycles and gives antiquaries in order to the bikes are checked, repaired and sold by them.

  26. Motoharu A11:45 am

    In Japan there are also free bike program at saga university.
    You have to pay any money to remove bike in Japan.
    Therefore you need some money to remove that.
    But this program is supported by university's volunteer.
    So you don't have to pay any money.
    I think it is really environmentally friendly programmes

  27. Shunsuke K11:53 am

    In Japan, some city sell abandoned bicycles to reuse. We can buy this bicycles in bicycle shop or recycle shop.

  28. Taiga A12:02 pm

    I think abandoned bicycles are reused is good idea.
    This idea can make abandoned bicycles refuse and more people easy to use bicycles.

  29. Yuki S12:04 pm

    Abandoned bicycles in Japan get new life in Ghana.
    A non-profit group has taken abandoned bicycles that are still repairable and functional.
    And then, they repair and send to developing countries like Ghana. It began in 1988 and has donated 6 million bicycles to 91 countries.

  30. Yutaro S12:07 pm

    In Kitakyusyu,Fukuoka,abandoned bicycles are fixed and reused. If you want to buy a cheap bicycle, you can buy it through this system. I think this is efficient.

  31. Taiga A12:14 pm

    I think making abandoned bicycles reused is good idea.
    This idea can make abandoned bicycles refuse and more people easy to use bicycles.