Monday, May 07, 2012

Intro to Business English 1A Spring 2012 Lesson 4

Photo by Remy Steinegger

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed Golden Week. Today we are going to begin Unit 2 in our textbook. Please click the link: Introduction to Business English Lesson 4.

After you have finished the tasks in the textbook please leave a comment below. Describe your daily routine. 

For homework, please do Units 1 & 2 on the CD ROM.
See you next week!


  1. nanaho2:26 pm

    I get up at 8'o clock.
    I go to restroom.
    After restroom, I wash my face.
    I drink water.
    I makeup and dressup.
    I eat breacfast at 8:15 in livingroom.
    I brush my tooth.
    I leave my home at 9'o clock.

    1. Hi Nanaho,
      What do you usually have for breakfast?

    2. Nanaho2:08 pm

      I usually eat Japanese omlet with rice and yoghurt.

  2. I get up 8 o'clock.
    I eat breakfast.
    I go to school at 9 o'clock.
    I work part-time at Orijinbentou.
    I go to bet at 12 o'lock.

    1. Hi Saki,
      Do you mean Origin Bento? This is a website with a review of Origin Bento. It's a chain store. Is your work place a chain store?

    2. saki yajima2:09 pm

      Yes I do.Becasu There are many delicious food!

  3. i get up am 6oclock,take a shower after make up.
    go to the Kitasenjyu station am 8oclock, and bought coffee,pancake or scone. i arrived @school am8:30 to am 9ocklock.
    i go to part time job @Hiroo when after the school. i work starbucks coffee. part time job finish go back my home am 12 ocklock, too late.

    1. Hi Riho,
      So you are a Starbucks barrista right? Do you like working for Starbucks? Is it a good company?

    2. Thats right! so difficulted for beginning,but Im enjoy working for Starbucks.I think good conpany becouse friendry all partner.

  4. Hajime2:30 pm

    I get up at 6 o'clock am.
    I wacth "Mezamashi terebi" and "Asazuba"
    I brush my tooth.
    I wash my face and hair
    After I setteng my hair.
    I sometimes eat breakfast.
    I leave at my home to go to university.

    I'm so boring when I come back my home.
    So I play with my friends!!

    1. Hi Hajime,
      What kind of T.V. show is Mezamashi?

  5. Shunjirou Suzuki2:33 pm

    I wake up at about 7 every day. My routine is training. I like training very much. It's running and muscle training. Now I have injury. My waist is hurt. I watch TV evryday after dinner. I like watching TV. Especially I like variety programs. I sleep at about 11 everyday.

    1. Hi Shunjirou,
      I exercise sometimes too. I go to a fitness club called Jexer Have you ever heard of Jexer? I usually swim. I try to swim at least 300 metres. Where do you usually exercise?

  6. I go to school at 7:30.
    I listen to music and study English words on the train.
    I arrived at school at 8:50.
    I come home at 5:00.
    Finally, I sleep at 11:00.

    1. Hi Mayumi,
      I'm glad to hear you study English vocabulary while you are on the train. Do you study English vocabulary on your smart phone using Quizlet? I sometimes study Japanese vocabulary on my iPhone or iPad using iKnow

  7. I usually get up at 6:30. I go to school by bicycle and two trains. I study in the University. After school of Monday and Friday, I go to club activity. Then, I eat dinner with my club activity members. I usually get home at 21:00.

    1. Hi Izumi,
      Where do you usually eat dinner with your friends?

    2. We usually eat dinner in Gusto, saizeriya, or Mc Donald's.

  8. Shunjirou S2:07 pm

    I don't know Jexer, but I like swimming. I like breakstroke. I do running, stretch and muscle training everyday. Especially I like muscle training. My menu is, for example, push up, bench press and so on. I train the all parts of body everyday.

  9. Hi Michael.
    I don't use Quizlet on my smart phone.
    Because, my smart phone battery is out.
    Do you easy to use iKnow?