Monday, May 14, 2012

Intro to Business English 1A Spring 2012 Lesson 5: Unit 2 Case Study

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Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the week-end. Last week we learned some words and phrases to describe what we want from a job. Look at the picture above. What do I want from my job? Now make a picture that shows what YOU want from a job. You can make the picture using a website called Tagul. Click the link - Tagul

Also, last week you posted comments on this blog describing your daily routine. I have written replies to your comments. Please click the link to read my replies. After you read my reply, Please answer my questions. After that you can study some vocabulary on Quizlet: Introduction to Business English 1A Vocabulary.

Finally, let's do the case study in our textbook. Please post your writing assignment as a comment below.

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