Wednesday, May 23, 2012

基礎英語1A Writing: Task 2 - A good job for me

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to start our second task. First let's review last lesson. Please click the link..
Now let's look at an image that shows why I like to be a teacher.

The image is in the shape of an apple because apples are a symbol of knowledge. Also, an apple is a traditional gift. Sometimes students give their teachers an apple. So, why do I like to be a teacher? look at the image and answer the question.
Now please read my paragraph.

A good job for me

          Teaching is a good job for me. I want to be a teacher for the rest of my life. A teacher works with people, and a teacher helps people to learn. A teacher learns too. I like to learn. A teacher plans and presents lessons. A teacher makes materials for lessons. I like to make presentations, and I like to make materials for lessons because I like to be creative.  I like to see students smile when they understand. I like to see the results of my work. A teacher can have long holidays. I like to travel, so I need long holidays. Teaching is the very best job for me.

Now it's your turn. What is a good job for you? Write at least 100 words. Your first draught is due next Sunday 27th May at 6 pm.


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