Tuesday, May 22, 2012

英語総合1A Global Issues Unit 6: Individualism and Midterm Exam Study Guide

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about Individualism. Next week is the Mid-term Exam. Please look at your study guide below.
The test covers units 1-5 pp. 2-21. The test has 3 sections.

Section 1: Vocabulary (10 points). Study the vocabulary in your study guides

· 6 matching questions J-E
· 4 fill-in the blank questions

Section 2: Remembering information from the textbook (12 points).

· 5 short answer questions (write 2 or 3 words)
· 1 chose the true statement question.
Important points to remember:
  • Visible cultural differences
  • Hidden cultural differences
  • Values
  • Keys to overcoming culture shock
  • Things that increase culture shock
  • Words and phrases that express Japanese culture
  • Things needed for an international career.
Section 3: Demonstrating an understanding of the information in the textbook (8 points)

· 2 long answer questions (4 or 5 sentences) In this section you will have to express your feelings about one of the topics in units 1-5. Remember that your reason is most important.

Now let's study some vocabulary on Quizlet. Please click this link: 英語総合1A

Study hard! and Good luck!!

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