Friday, March 27, 2009

My trip to French Polynesia Part 3: Bora Bora

I left Moorea on the sixteenth of March at one thirty in the afternoon. I flew to Bora Bora. I arrived in Bora Bora at three o'clock in the afternoon. I stayed at the Bora Bora Pearl Resort. I stayed in an overwater bungalow again. You can see some pictures of the bungalow below.

 The coffee table in my bungalow in Bora Bora was even better than the coffee table in my bungalow in Moorea. The top was removable. The floor was open. So, I could feed the fish! I dropped small pieces of bread down to the fish. I saw many interesting fish, including fugu.
After I unpacked my bags, I went to a dinner show. I saw some Tahitan dancers perform.  You can see some pictures below.
 The show was very exciting. The dancers were very good.
After the show I went to bed. I was tired. Next time I'll tell you about my shark feeding and sting ray petting adventure.

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