Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My trip to French Polynesia Part 1: From Tokyo to Moorea

I went to French Polynesia (フランス領ポリネシア). I went to Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora.

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I left Tokyo on the fourteenth of March at three twenty-five in the afternoon. I flew to Papeete, on the island of Tahiti. The flight took 11 hours. I arrived in Papeete on the fourteenth of March at seven thirty in the morning. There is nineteen hours difference between Tokyo and Papeete. The clock below shows the date and time in Papeete now.

You can see my first view of Tahiti in the picture below.

We got a special welcome in Tahiti. Beautiful Tahitian women gave us a flower. We put the flower behind our ear. You can see me wearing the flower in the picture below. Click the picture. Read the notes.

I didn't stay in Tahiti. I got on another plane. The plane was small. It had propellers. The plane was called a Twin engine Otter. The Twin-engine Otter is a Canadian-made plane. The Twin engine Otter is called デ・ハビランド・カナダ DHC-6 in Japanese. You can see the plane in the picture below.

Here is a picture of the cockpit. The pilot is getting ready for take-off.

I flew from Tahiti to Moorea. I left Tahiti at ten o'clock. I arrived in Moorea at ten past ten. From the airport I went to the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa. I stayed in an overwater bungalow. You can see a picture of some overwater bungalows below.

You can see some pictures of my room below.

My room had a very special feature. Look at the picture below. The coffee table has a glass top. The floor below the coffee table is glass too. You can see the sea below. I watched the colourful fish through the glass.

After I unpacked my suitcase, I went on the deck to read. I read a book by Haruki Murakami.

Then it started to rain. I went to the supermarket. I bought bread, cheese and sliced meat. You can see a picture of the supermarket below.

I ate after I returned from the supermarket. Then I went to bed. I had jet lag (時差ぼけ). I was very tired.
Next time, I'll write about my second day in Moorea.
Maruru (that's "thank you" in Tahitian).


  1. Oh, I really envy you!!
    Moorea looks like really warm and how beautifu sea is!!
    I still wear a long-sleeved shirt and down jacket, somenight I also wear a scarf. haha
    We have a sea, and beautiful sunshine, but still it's cold...

    I'm looking forward to your next day story and pictures;)

  2. Hi Hirona,
    Thanks for the comment. I really apprecite it. It's still chilly in Tokyo too, and not much sunshine. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

  3. Great documentation, and a great advertisement for the area! Super photos.