Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My trip to French Polynesia Part 2: Sunrise on Moorea

I saw the sunrise in Moorea. It was very beautiful. The sun started to rise about five in the morning. I watched the sun rise and listened to the birds sing until six. Then I went for breakfast.
The breakfast was terrible. The breakfast was not delicious. The eggs, bacon and sausages were greasy. The croissants were stale. The fruit was not fresh. However, the breakfast was free and the breakfast was an "all you can eat" buffet. I ate a lot. I was full. I didn't need lunch. You can see a picture of my breakfast below. Click the picture. Read the notes.

Breakfast at the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa

After breakfast I went snorkling. I climbed down the stairs from the deck of my bungalow.

Then I watched a Tahitian wedding. The bride and groom came to the wedding in Tahitian canoes.

Here are some more pictures of the wedding.

Of course, the bride and groom are not Tahitian. Many people go to Tahiti to get married. Many people go to Tahiti on their honeymoon too. Tahiti is a very romantic place.

After the wedding I went back to my bungalow. I went out on the deck and I read. I went for a swim again. Finally I went to bed. The next day I went to Bora Bora. I'll tell you about Bora Bora next time.

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  1. How beautiful sunrise is!!
    I usually watch the sunset in Aber, it's also beautiful.The sun goes down to the sea, so it's quite similar view of your pic, but rise from mountains, so I cannot sea such a beautiful sunrise.

    My friends went to Tahiti on their honeymoon, and I saw some pictures from them as well. It's really nice place...I wanna go;)