Thursday, March 12, 2009

Japan Should Promote a Reduction in Garbage by Ayana S.


          Japan has a very serious problem. It is garbage disposal. There are many ways of doing it. For example, burning, landfills, recycling. Best way is to reuse all garbage, but it is difficult and unreasonable. In my opinion, Japan should promote a reduction in garbage. There are two main reasons for this. First, Japan is too small, so Japan cannot have a large landfill or incinerator. Second, garbage causes various environmental problems. For example, to produce dioxin, to cause soil pollution and groundwater contamination and a bad smell. Therefore, if we do it, these problems will relax.

          First, generally speaking, the cost of burning up garbage is about two times lower than to reuse it, but, even if recycling costs high, we should do it. In a case of plastic bottles, it can be reused to make a uniform and a blanket.* So, plastic bottles are very valuable resources. It is not incombustible garbage. We should promote a collection of garbage by type, too.

         The second reason why Japan should promote a reduction in garbage is that Japan cannot have a new landfill. So recently, Japan digs out garbage at filled up and used landfills, and burns it up again to reduce its volume. Next, it fills in again, and build again a new solidly landfill.* We can understand easily that how serious of this problem from this present.

        To conclude, to promote a reduction in garbage is difficult in Japan, but it can reduce in our lives, for instance, my chopsticks, eco bag, my bottle, and so on. Even if Japan cannot promote it right now, we can accomplish it if all Japanese people have such eco tools.


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