Saturday, March 14, 2009

Japanese should ride bicycles more by Chiu

Nowadays, as technology has greatly improved and the prices of buying and traveling by mobile vehicles were much lower than before, traveling by mobile vehicles become more common and convenient in Japan. These improvements of life style do not bring a perfect benefit. In fact, some serious problems have happened. The first problem is pollution of environment and the waste of using natural energy. The second problem is Japanese`s over-dependant on mobile vehicles, which affect Japanese people`s health. In my opinion, one of the possible ways to solve these problems is riding a bicycle. First, bicycles do not release any harmful gases. Second, riding bicycle is a kind of exercise which can bring people good health.

First, bicycles do not need any energy to make it move. Therefore, using bicycle would not waste any important natural resources. In addition, bicycles would not release any carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the gases which damage the environment(1). Recently most people in Japan travel to school, to work or shopping by mobile vehicles, which release a lot of carbon dioxide. As a result, it causes an increase in the air pollution and global warming gas. Furthermore, the energy resource of mobile vehicles is gasoline which is made from natural resource. Thus, using mobile vehicles means increases the waste of natural energy. It is true that using mobile vehicles is convenient, but sometime it is not necessary to use mobile vehicles. Therefore, no doubt, cycling is a good choice which release neither harmful gases nor wasting any important energy.

              Second, using bicycles can bring people good health. Most Japanese depend on the mobile vehicles too much. Whatever the place they want to go is far or near, they travel by mobile vehicles. It save them more time and get to the place faster. However, there is a serious problem which it means they walk or move less than before. This is one of the reasons why more Japanese are getting fatter(2). In order to obtain good health, and to save time for moving between places. It is better for them to use bicycles than mobile vehicles.

              To sum up, mobile vehicles bring many conveniences to us. However, there is a good side and a bad side to everything. Using mobile vehicles is no exception. Some people may say that it does not cause any negative effects immediately. However, if we do not control these, there would be more worse effect happened in the future. As we know now, the problem of global warming is getting worse. Furthermore, the Earth `s natural recourses would be used up after 50 years. Although Japanese cannot do much to stop these happen, one simple thing that all Japanese can do is riding bicycles rather than travelling by mobile vehicles. 

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