Friday, May 25, 2007

Toyo Gakuen University FE4-Speaking Level 2
A Video for Unit 3

This is another video by Paul Carr from ESLpodTV. As an introduction to the video Paul wrote:

  • Topic: Animated drama series (アニメ連続ドラマ)
  • Level: Beginner (初級)
  • Language: polite requests and invitations (丁寧語、招待)

This is the third lesson in the animated series about Edward Ulysses Cator - a teacher from Britain who moves to the USA to take up a new job. These stories are aimed at beginner level students and will relate Edward’s experiences adapting to his new life and job in America. As with other lessons on this site there will be a video, mp3 listening file and PDF lesson to download for each episode. Enjoy the show!

このビデオは初級生徒の為の新しい連続アニメドラマです。米国に来たばかりのEd. U. Catorと言うイギリス人教師の新生活の物語です。このレッスンはいつもと同じビデオ、mp3、とPDFテキストを使用します。

In part 3 of this series Ed invites Jenny to his housewarming party. Will she come? Watch the video and find out! You can see the transcript by clicking here. Spanish users can get a translation of the script by going to and following the instructions there. ( せりふの訳はそのページのURLをRikai.comへ)

There are some useful words and expressions to learn below.

guy - person, usually a man

anytime - whenever

nothing special - nothing different or unusual

accent - the way your voice sounds shaped by where you’re from

housewarming party - special event celebrating moving into new home

neighbors - the people living nearby

got nothing on - not doing anything at that time

few - a small number of something

funny - strange

I was wondering if… polite expression requesting somebody do something

If you’re free… - expression often used to ask for date or request favor


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