Sunday, May 20, 2007

Toyo Gakuen University FE3-Listening
A Video about a Burglar for Unit 3

This is a video made by my friend Paul Carr for his podcast ESLpodTV. As an introduction to the video Paul wrote:

  • Topic: Burglar mystery story (泥簿事件)
  • Level: (lower) intermediate (小中級)
  • Language: dialogues, facial descriptions (会話、顔の説明)
  • Grammar: Verb tenses, adjectives (動詞、形容詞)

Watch what happens when Ben and Yuki hear a strange noise in the middle of the night. Who’s there? A burglar or somebody else? Our brave couple go downstairs to find out. You can see the transcript by clicking here. ( せりふの訳はそのページのURLをRikai.comへ)

There are some useful words and expressions to learn below.

Wasamatter? - What’s the matter?

downstairs - On the floor(s) below

torch - a light you carry in your hand

stairs - steps

scared - afraid

granny - grandmother

gramps - granddad

dangerous - not safe

locked - closed or shut so it cannot be opened without a key

burglar - someone who steals from houses

freckles - brown spots on the face

bald - to have no hair on the head

scars - an old cut that leaves a mark on the skin

wrinkles - age lines on the face


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