Thursday, May 24, 2007

Music for Language Learning 4

This week the music played in class has been related to Acid Jazz, Trip-Hop, Free Jazz, Nu Jazz and Fusion. Two of the artists have a connection to Japan, Kyoto Jazz Massive and Monday Michiru. Monday Michiru is the daughter of Jazz orchestra leader and award winning composer Toshiko Akiyoshi. I was able to attend a Toshiko Akiyoshi concert at the Tokyo Blue Note. It was fantastic.

This week's playlist:

US3 - Grand Groove

Miles Davis - On the Corner

Massive Attack - One Love

Monday Michiru - Yellow Bird (Incognito Flyin' High)

Miles Davis - New York Girl

Saint Germaine - Bohemian Sunset

Ornette Coleman - Spelling the Alphabet

Portishead - All Mine

Monday Michiru - Talk (Jazztronic Mix)

Saint Germaine - Jungle Jazz

Stanley Clarke - I Wanna Play for You

Massive Attack - Better Things

US3 - Knowledge of Self

The Lounge Lizards - She Drove me Mad

Ornette Coleman - Chanting

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Endless Flight (DJ Kawasaki Remix)
Underworld - Rez

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