Monday, May 14, 2007

Toyo Gakuen University FE3-Listening

This is another video from It's called, "A Typical Day in The Life of Victoria Fontana". This video relates to Unit 2. Watch, listen and learn about daily life for a teacher in Madrid. Enjoy


  1. Anonymous1:55 pm

    ・I think Victoria has a great lifestyle because she has play sports. I like sports me too. Now,I do not sports. I want to any sports!
    ・she can teaching language. Because She is happy face. I like English!
    ・I like Chinese food very much too!I want to eat any foods with her.

  2. N8 No.7 Maiko Onishi1:55 pm

    I think that Victoria lives full life. But I wouldn't like to be a language teacher. Because I would like to be a counselor of a prison.

  3. Miwaco Sawada1:56 pm

    I think Victoria leads a full life.
    Because she work,but she can study painting and go to gym.
    I wouldn't like to be a languege teacher in Madrid because I can't speak Spanish and I think it's very difficult.

  4. kenji kamata12:03 am

    I think her life is one of the best ways of living because even though her work is busy, she is able to satisfy her interest, which is painting, and having time to do some exercise.
    I wouldn't like to be a language teacher in Madrid because I want to spend more time in Japan, but I would like to visit Madrid. Also I think I’m not talented enough to teach language, so I think I’ll be working on different field.

  5. yusuke kato3:29 pm

    I think that this woman's lifestyle
    is very helcy and very good.
    because,she work on a lot of veriety things.
    I follow another's example.

  6. Mika Shio3:46 pm

    I think she lives very healthy because she can spend a lot of time for her hobbies.But sometimes she can't has her lunch that I can't intolerant!!
    I would'nt like to be a language teacher because I can't speaking in public.Maybe I feel tension!!!!!
    So,I wouldn't like to be a language teacher.

  7. Emi Iwama3:55 pm

    It liked thing that I also drew the picture, and I wanted to learn it
    like her.
    It is not possible to go because it is not in the nearby place though
    I want to go to the sports gym.
    She is envied a little.

  8. N8 No.4 Daisei Ishiwata4:16 pm

    I think she's life is satisfy becouse she has a lot of things to do.

    I think she is very healthy becouse she going to gym.

    I think she enjoyed everydays becouse she ride for work by motorcycle, so she enjoyed driving.

  9. n8 No.10 Kazuhisa Kamata4:21 pm

    I think she's life is great because she enjoy her life.

    I think she likes sports becouse she going to gym.

    I think she is Paiting very well
    becouse she studies Painting.

  10. Ryo Okamoto10:19 am

    @I think her life is very happy becouse she is working her favorite job.
    @I don't want to be a teacher in Marid becouse I don't like study.
    @But,I hope I live in Marid becouse I haven't been to other country.

  11. yumi moriya2:21 pm

    I think she has a grate time!
    She looks enjoy her life.

    I wouldn't like to be a language teacher in Madrid.
    I'm not positive about teaching.

  12. minako kimura2:36 pm

    I think that she life is very happy.Because she is doing a lot of things in her life.Speaking she seemed happy.

  13. Shota Tsurusawa10:26 pm

    Her day is very busy. I'm going to be tired if I have her day. I can't have her day. I woldn't like to be a language teacher in Madrid. I don't know why.

  14. YuiYamashita12:05 am

    〇Her life stile is very well barenced so I think its good.

    〇I don't want to work in madrid because I can't speak Spanish.

    〇I want to go there to trabel.

  15. sei iwata2:48 am

    I think Victoria leads a full life.
    Because she looks like very happy.
    Her warm smiles keep me cheerful.

  16. Yoshikazu4:09 am

    I think that she's life is busy, but I think that she lead a full life.I long to be her life.I want to she try hard.