Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Music for Language Learning 3

Last week most of the music we heard was progressive rock. I was a big fan of progressive rock when I was a high school student. When I was a university student I hosted a progressive rock radio show called Gothic Rock on CJAM-fm radio in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Most of the records I played were by British and German bands. One of the bands played in classes this week, The Tea Party, was formed in Windsor. The Tea Party's first recordings were played on CJAM-fm. I had a chance to see the Tea Party's live concerts and meet the members.
I still like progressive rock.

Last week's playlist

Yes: Close to the Edge
Supertramp: School
The Who: Behind Blues Eyes
Pink Floyd: Hey You
Triumvirat: Viva Pompeii
Gentle Giant: Peel the Paint
Genesis: Cuckoo Cocoon
Eloy: Horizons
The Tea Party: Temptation
The Moody Blues: The Question

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