Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The University of Tsukuba Cross Cultural Awareness and English Trimester 3 Week 9

Hello everyone,
Well we've come to the end of this term. The next time we meet it will be time for the final test. The final test will be:
Tuesday the 19th of February.
Thursday the 28th of February.
Please click the link to download your study guide.

Today we are going to talk about marital bliss (幸せな結婚). Some people think that children are the key to a happy marriage, but a 2009 study found that having children can make couples less happy. Please click the link to download today's lesson: No kids the secret to a happier marriage.

Finally, what do you think? Do children make a marriage unhappy or happy? Please leave a comment.


  1. Hi Michael!! It was so nice lessons. I greatly enjoyed the project love and marriage. Thank you very much. That made me notice marital bliss again. I’m going to get married in a year or two. ;)
    I’ll do my best on the final test.
    See you then.

  2. I don’t think it is important whether having a child can make a couple less happy or happier. The study said 90 % of couples experienced a decrease in marital bliss immediately following the birth of their first child. The fact should be more attention. Why they thought so. I have some doubt whether the system of social welfare is enough there. And maybe the community is not good for bringing up children. This is a kind of reasons that the marital couple has not enough money to take care of children. The government must accommodate them with financial assistance or setting enough social welfare.
    If a marital couple has a child, they must be happier, I think

  3. Kyoko4:22 pm

    Nowadays many women have a job. Some women want to promote their career, but it is hard for women to manage to work and keep house. When couples have children there many things they have to do. Also, their life can change a lot to bring up and take care of children. If couples really want to have children, both husband and wife cooperate for child care and they have strong spirits whatever difficulty they may find in their married life, children make a marriage happy. However, if the wife is forced to quit a job to take care of children and the husband doesn`t help her a lot although she want to continue the job , children make a marriage unhappy.
    Today the average of salary is low. Therefore in some couples case, both husband and wife need to work to support a family budget. Many husbands also can`t help their wives because they are busy. Japanese child care system has changed because of a declining birthrate. Now fathers can get child-care leave, but they hardly get it and it is the minority. I think the custom that women do housework and child care still remains a little bit in Japan. It is an old fashion!!! I hate it.
    I also want to have children if I can get married. However, I want to keep on my job as well even if I have children. So it is essential for me to get a helpful husband. Otherwise I won`t be happy.
    As a result, I think it is up to married couple`s situation or environment such as, enough money, support for mothers and helpful husbands, if children make a marriage unhappy or happy.