Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The University of Tsukuba Academic Writing I & II Wk 9

Student smiles as she corrects her paper
Hello everyone,
Today we are going to write the second draught of our four-paragraph essay. Also, I'm going to talk to you one-to-one about your essay, in order to give you some advice.
First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link:  NSDU J-E Academic Wordlist

Now let's review the structure of our four-paragraph persuasive essay.


A. Background information
B. Thesis statement 
C. Reasons


A. Reason 1
B. Reason 2


A. Restate thesis 
B. Restate reasons
C. Closing remark

Today we will also learn how to make intext citations and a reference list. Please look at the examples below:

Intext citations

A quotation

Jung (1989) says, "What we call 'psychology' today is a science that is possible only on the basis of certain historical and moral presuppositions..."

A paraphase

According to an article entitled, "Working Conditions" on the Web site of the Japanese Nursing Association, due to the increasing number of severely ill and aging patients, the demand for nurses in Japan has exceeded the supply.

Journalists in Japan share information with each other. This practice is known as memo-awase. As a result, the articles read the same in every newspaper (McNeil, D. 2010)


Book with one author

Jung, C. G. (1989). Psychological types (Vol. 4). Routledge.

Document available on an organisation's Web site with no author and no date

 Japanese Nursing Association (n.d.). Working Conditions in Japan. Retrieved February 13, 2013 from Japan Nursing Association Web site:

Article in an academic journal

Edwards, I. E. S. (1949). Some early dynastic contributions to Egyptian architecture. The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, 123-128.

Article available on an organisation's Web site with an author and a date

McNeill, D. (2010, March 17, 21:09). Japanese Journalism is collapsing. Retrieved February 13, 2013 from The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan Web site:

Now, please write your second draught. Your second draught is due Friday at noon.

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