Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The University of Tsukuba Cross Cultural Awareness and English Trimester 3 Week 8

Hello everyone,
Well, I thought we were finished our discussion of love and marriage, but I discovered this story and I couldn't resist planning one more lesson before we start to review and prepare for the final test. Today we are going to talk about love and marriage in China again.

Before we start, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: Cross Cultural Awareness and English.

Yesterday was a lucky day in China. Let's find out why by reading an article called Thousands marry on "Love You Forever Day" on breakingnewsenglish.com

Will you choose a "lucky day" for your wedding day? Please leave a comment below.


  1. I think November 11th is very nice to marry. Because it can read 'iifuufu' in Japanese. 'ii' means good and 'fuufu' means a married couple.

    1. oops, I made a mistake. It is November 22th.

  2. I think that I don't choose the lucky day for my wedding day. Because it is superstition. I don't believe that.

  3. I will choose such a lucky day because I want to leave wonderful memory about my wedding.

  4. Shunsuke11:25 am

    Hello, Michael!
    I want to choose a "lucky day"for my wedding day.
    In Japan, we also think fortune of the day.
    Japanese think you had better to get married in 大安(taian).

  5. yoshiaki11:25 am

    I will choose the day.
    Because it is very rare, so I want to choose a lucky day for my wedding day.

  6. Kimika11:25 am

    I think that November 11th is very nice day.
    Because it read "Iifuuf" in Japan.
    It means "good couple".

  7. Kaoru Amaha11:26 am

    Hello Micheal.
    I will maybe choose lucky day.
    Bcause I feel lucky day is good day.
    And the future is also good

  8. Shizuho Emi11:26 am

    I will choose a lucky day.
    Because I wish happiness.
    Therefore Lucky day is necessity.

  9. I will choose a lucky day.
    Because a marriage is special event for me and family.

  10. I will not choose a "lucky day" because I like the proverb "never hesitate to do good".
    So I will get married as soon as I decide to do.

  11. Chinese couples consider to the date which get marriage, such as dates that are numerically unique. The wedding is treasure for them.

  12. Kou Tashita11:26 am

    I won't choose a "lucky day" for my wedding day.
    Because many people will choose the day, so it is hard to book a wedding.

  13. Hayaki11:26 am

    I won't choose a lucky day for my wedding day because I don't care of that.
    I will choose my favorite day.

  14. Rikuo Akisaka11:27 am

    Hi, Michael.
    I'll answer you question, whether I'll choose a "lucky day" for your wedding day.

    Maybe, I'll choose lucky day.
    Because I think the wedding day is precious day for couple.

  15. Rei Watanabe11:27 am

    Hello Michael.
    I'm Rei Watanabe.

    I don't choose lucky day, because if I and marriage partner love each other, I and she will be able to live together forever until death

  16. Hikaru11:28 am

    I will choose lucky day. The marriage is maybe only one! It's a very very important day.

  17. Yosuke11:28 am

    Hi Michael!

    I will choose a lucky day for my wedding day if I can.
    I don't have any reasons, but I think getting lucky is not bad.

  18. Ryusuke Kimura11:29 am

    Yes, I will.
    I want to get rid of worries. I am relieved if I get marriaged on a lucky day.

  19. Miho.W11:30 am

    I want to choose a lucky day for my wedding day.
    Because I think It makes me more happy. I think Japanese often choose lucky day.

  20. I just want to avoid getting married on unlucky day(Buddha`s death day on Japanese calendar), but I don`t care about the lucky day when I get married. I prefer a day related to something good memory between me and my potential spouse to a lucky day.


  21. I will choose a lucky day for my wedding day.
    Because I feel a little anxiety, if I get married on unlucky day.