Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shibaura Institute of Technology 英語総合IB Global Issues 2011 Lesson 1: Introduction to the course and class rules

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Welcome to 英語総合IB. Today you will learn about the course and together we will make some class rules. 

Please click the link to see some posts from previous classes

We will learn a lot of new vocabulary in this class. We will study vocabulary using an online tool called Quizlet. Please click the link to learn how to sign up for and use Quizlet

OK, now let's make some class rules together. Click the link to see some rules made by other SIT students: Classrules 2011.

Finally, please post a comment. Please tell me why you chose this course. Click the link to learn how to post a comment - コメント投稿法.

Thanks for joining this class. See you next week!


  1. Hiroki K10:21 am

    I want to comunication with people in another country so I take this.

  2. Hello,Michael.
    My name is Yui,and I like English than phisics.
    Because of that,I take your English class.

  3. kosuke-h10:22 am


    I think it important to learn English.
    I want to learn various things of English.
    so I chose this class.

  4. Keiho.N10:22 am

    I want to learn English. I will be able to want to speak English smooth.

  5. gouki.s10:22 am

    Because I want to speak English wel for my future. We need communication skills in English. And I heard Stout is very good teacher!

  6. I think I can learn many thing in this class. and I want to teach to me by native speaker of English.

  7. yousuke.N10:25 am

    Thank you for hold the enjoy lessons.
    I want to enjoy English and current topic.
    I'm pleased to meet you.

  8. Hello , my name is Ayumi.
    I wont to learn not only reading and writing
    but also speaking and listening.
    So I take this class.

  9. Yutaro K10:26 am

    Hello, Michael.

    I choose this course because I want to work a company in other country.
    So, I want to speak english fluently.

  10. Miyuki11:56 am

    Hello,I'm Miyuki.
    I had your class befor.
    The class was very fun!
    So I choose your class again!

  11. Motohiro Y11:57 am

    I like to study english.
    I want to study engilish by native speaker.
    I want to speak english smooth.
    So I take this class.

  12. Manami J11:58 am

    Hello, my neam is manami.
    I want to learn to English, and 2nd class(am10:30~)
    so I choose in this class!

  13. Takahiro12:00 pm

    Hello, Micheal.

    I like English, but I can't pronounce English well now.
    So I take this class.

  14. Shotaro12:00 pm

    Hi Michael :)

    Why I choose this class because I need English skills for my dream.

  15. haruki12:00 pm

    Hello Michel.

    I want to use English very well.

    And when in the future I will go out in the world, I don't want to have trouble.

  16. Masaki12:01 pm

    Hi, Michael.

    My first reason is... I want to not only read English letter but also speak English.
    Second, I love different culture, so I want to learn English.
    I'm begginer, but I'll learn English very hard.

  17. Takahiro M12:01 pm

    I want to study English for TOEIC test and studying abroad.
    I want to learn English word.
    It`s reason why I choose this class.
    I will try this class hard!

  18. Tomoya K.12:01 pm

    I'd been taught English from native speaker, so I choice this lecture.

  19. Takuya M12:02 pm

    My name is Takuya.

    I choose this class because I want to enjoy speaking english on foreign travel.

  20. Tomoki T.12:02 pm

    Dear Michael

    I'm Tomoki T.
    I heard this class very fun and exiting.
    I want to enjoy English in this class.
    Finally,I want to go Machester.
    I love Manchester United.

  21. kazuki12:02 pm


    Why I choosed this class is I want to related to English and use English between I and foreign teacher.

  22. Takaaki A12:02 pm

    The reason of I choose this class is I taked your lesson in last semester,and your class is very fun.

  23. masato S.12:03 pm

    Dear Micheal.

    My name is Masato S.
    I'm interesting in English and want to become a global person. so I think studying English is very important for me.

  24. Takahiro M12:03 pm

    Hello, Michael.

    I'm not good at English.

    So,I want to learn reading,writing,
    speaking and listening in this class.

  25. Yuya Y12:03 pm


    I choose this class because I like English and learn more.
    I want to use English for the future.

  26. Kohei O12:04 pm

    Dear Michael
    Why I chose this class, because I have to study English now, and English was needed in the world.
    So I will hold out this class to employ a tutor for English.

    From Kohei O

  27. Hyeong Ho12:06 pm

    hi,I,m Hyeong ho, Lee.
    My student number is B10009-7.
    and then, the most important reson of applicationed this class is if i possible, when i studying in Japan I want to meet many foreigners, and then, i,m crazy in English.

  28. Takumi.T12:06 pm

    I am glad to attend your class.

    I choose this course because I want to learn practical English.

  29. Hiromasa M12:12 pm

    I want to learn English and to communicate with foreign country people. So,I take this class.

  30. Hyouhei H12:12 pm

    I want to learn many English. I have alrady finished Lisning1A and Reading1A. I want to rase my English skills.