Monday, September 12, 2011

基礎英吾1B Writing Lesson 1

Hello everyone! I hope you had a nice summer holiday.

You will be doing a lot of typing again this semester, so to begin today's lesson let's practice typing.  Please click the link and play Air Typer . Now, let's review some vocabulary. Please click this link: Togaku 英単4. Let's review some grammar. Please click this link: Compound Nouns, Countable/Uncountable Nouns.Next let's review the past and present tense forms of the verb "to be". Click the link.

Next, let's start our first task. Our first task is a paragraph about the summer holidays. Please read my paragraph below.

Bangladesh 2011 Collage   My Summer Holidays        
       My summer holidays were very busy. First, I went to Bangladesh. I went to two cities, Dhaka and Rashashi. I went to Bangladesh with a group called Teachers Helping Teachers. I went to Bangladesh to help teachers there. I led 4 work shops about teaching English. I went to Bangladesh on business but  I also had some fun. I visited a silk factory, and I went to a wedding reception. After I went to Bangladesh, I went to Canada. I went to Canada to visit my family and friends. I enjoyed delicious food. I ate food from the barbeque almost every day. I also went to an art exhibition. We celebrated my nephew's birthday by visiting a zoo near Niagara falls. It was a lot of fun. My summer vacation was busy, but it was wonderful too.

Now please start your paragraph. Task 1-1 is due next Sunday night at 6 pm. Also, please review the style sheet below. you must submit Task 1 using the format shown in the style sheet
Have fun. See you on Friday!

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