Monday, September 12, 2011

Introduction to Business English 1B ビジネス英語入門 B Introductory Lesson

Hello everyone. Welcome to Introduction to Business English B!
Today we are going to learn about the course. We will read the course outline, and we will watch a video too. We will learn how to greet people in business situations, and we will look at the textbook.

This lesson will be review for students who took Introduction to Business English A.

OK, let's start.

Please click this link: Exchanging business cards. Watch the video and do the quiz.

Now let's learn some vocabulary. Please click this link:Introduction to Business English B Review Vocabulary.

Next, please look at the image below. This is your textbook.You can buy the textbook next lesson.

Market Leader Elementary © 2007

Finally, please look below. You can see the course outline. Please download the course outline and save it to your own folder.
Toyo Gakuen University Introduction to Business English B Course Outline

That's all. I hope you decide to take this class. Business English is becoming very important for getting a job in Japan. Two famous Japanese companies, Uniqlo and Rakuten are making English the official company language. I think many more Japanese companies will do the same. You can read about it here:楽天:英語を12年中に社内公用語化 English will be the official language of Rakuten!

Please leave a comment. Your homework is to send me an e-mail. I hope to see you next week.

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