Sunday, July 04, 2010

楽天:英語を12年中に社内公用語化 English will be the official language of Rakuten!

Do you know Rakuten? I think you know Rakuten. Of course you know Rakuten! Rakuten is going to make English it's official language.
You can read about this in English. Click this link:
You can also read about this in Japanese. Click this link:
 Fast Retailing Company, the parent company (親会社) of popular clothing store chain Uniqlo is also going to make English its official language.  Furthermore, all business meetings at Nissan are held in English. 
European companies, including the German companies BMW and Siemans do business in EnglishThe largest English speaking country in the world is China. Over 300 million people in China speak English! That's three times the entire population of Japan! 
Little by little Japanese will have real motivation to learn English.

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