Thursday, June 02, 2011

応用英語1-2A Reading Midterm Exam Study Guide.

Illustration by Yuji Tachikawa. Some Rights Reserved CC 1.0

Hello everyone!
Today we will review Chapter 4 and do the Chapter 4 quiz. After that we'll prepare for the midterm exam. The midterm exam is next Friday, the 10th of June. The midterm exam's range is Chapters 1,2, and 3. The midterm exam has two parts: vocabulary and comprehension. Please study the following:
  • Crime Talk p.7. You should write these words in your Detective's Notebook. Please include the word's type (POS; 品詞), the word's meaning, and a sample sentence from your story.
  • The illustrations and graphic organisers on pp. 11, 12, 26, and 35.
  • The chapter puzzles and chapter reviews on pp. 16-19, 28-31, and 38-41
You should also be sure to note the important facts in each chapter in your Detective's Notebook. Some important facts are marked in the story with a figure print like the figure print in the picture below.

From Whodunit. ABAX CC1.0 Some Rights Reserved

OK, let's study some vocabulary. Click this link: Inverted Eagle Chapter 4. Now let's review the vocabulary from Chapters 1-3.

Good Luck!

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