Friday, June 17, 2011

応用英語I-2A Reading 2011 Lesson 2:Chapter 5

Hello everyone!
Well we are almost finished the story. In chapter 5 we discover some new suspects. look at the mind map on the left. The two new suspects are shown in red. Make a note in your Detective's notebook of the new suspects. Write down their motives and lies.

Next, let's review some vocabulary. Please click this link: Inverted Eagle Chapter 5.
Finally, have you changed your mind? Who do you think is the guilty person now? Tell us in a comment below.


  1. Hiroaki12:05 pm

    Kevin is crime because he is liar. For example he went to the movies on the night.
    Also he lost alot of money at the horse races.

  2. I suppose Kevin is guilty.
    That's why I still think so is that Kevin has many lies and enough motives to have done it.Miguel also lied and had motives,but he was so honest to confess evrything to Ellie,differntly from Kevin.
    Therefore I believe Miguel as Ellie does.

  3. Kenta Suzuki12:07 pm

    I think that the crime is Evan Reed. because he has motive that he have no money, and feel bad that Allison and Miguel are loved each other. because she break up with Quenton. Evan may be able to read Allison's diary, because he is her parents. so he put items which stolen in Miguel's room, to suspect Miguel.

  4. I think that guilty one is Evan Reed.
    I thinked guilty one is Miguel before.
    However,I know Evan has hidden his financial problem.
    Andmore,His lie appeared at last.coming out lie the last is may the most important thing.

  5. I think Miguel is a criminal.
    Because, he tell many lies,needs money and he is poor.

  6. I thought that Miguel was guilty one.
    Because he lies to Ellie that he and Alison are dating.Alison didn't worked university the night of crime and didn't wachting a movie.
    But I'm also doubting Evan.
    because he is broke. he lost everything in his building project.

  7. Kevin is acriminal.
    Becouse he tell many lies.
    He need money.

  8. leng chandara12:12 pm

    Everything are not sure yet, because we don't know what Ellie or police officer will find more evident. But If guess only the items that they found, I think Nancy Reed is the suspect. Because she want to frame Miguel is a theft, she doesn't want Miguel relate with Allison. Actually now her husband is broke, so they need person is rich like Derrick who can help them.

  9. Yutaka Ohsumi12:16 pm

    Ellie said "Evan reed is victim of this crime."
    Ellie don't thinks Evan do crime.
    Becouse Ellie is think,Evan is very sincerity.

    Another suspect Nancy is Criminal.
    It is ture?