Tuesday, June 07, 2011

英語総合1A Global Issues Unit 5: Body Language and Customs

Yasuko making the gesture for "me"
Hello everyone! Today we have another fascinating topic. Today's topic is body language and customs. Please look at the picture to the left. Yasuko-san is making the Japanese gesture for "me". Do you know the Canadian gesture for "me"? In Canada we point to our hearts to gesture "me".  Gestures are different from place to place. You can learn more by reading this wikipedia article. You can learn about Canadian etiquette and body language by reading this article. Also you can see many examples of gestures by looking at photos in this flickr group: Hand Signals and Gestures

Now let's study some vocabulary on Quizlet. Please click this link: 英語総合1A

Next let's do the tasks in our text book.

Finally, please describe your favourite gesture, and tell us what it means. Please post your comment below.


  1. In Mexico, they kiss their fists while keeping their pinkies up when they are promising something. It's done rather emphatically and you can usually bet that the person doing it is being sincere.

  2. Nanaka10:28 am

    In Japan,they stand there thumb meanse "GOOD".
    Forexample they are happy,they think good ,they do this style!

  3. Shohei10:29 am

    In Japan, we wave our hand in front of our face when we want to say "no".

  4. Fumiaki10:30 am

    Making the circle from the finger shows money in Japan.

  5. In Japan, They press their's hands together. That mean many things.For example, ITADAKIMASU

  6. In Japan,they are patted the head by other person when they do good doing.But this gesture often do when they are childlen.

  7. Japanease people is so negative for gesture by nature. So there's not so many gestures in japan.
    In slight gestures,intereiting thing is 'Ogamite'
    used many situation like pass people,apologize.

  8. My favourite gesture waving hand.The gesture use various situation.For example,say hello and good-bye.Waving hand is good guesture.

  9. yusuke10:32 am

    In Japan, makeing a thumbs-up show good for other people.Andmore,pressing one's thumb and firstfinger to make circle and casting up palm of the hand show something talk about money.

  10. Takanori10:45 am

    In Japan, Yomiuri GIANTS`s supervise "Hara" makes a stone and touches teammate when GIANTS`s member blasts a home run!! A fun is excited seeing Hara`s stone hand touching.

  11. I introduces my favorite gesture. It is to put up the little finger from the grasp fist. It means one's girlfriend. And when raising one's thumb, it means one's boyfriend. They can be used in various situations. For example, at making fun of person.

  12. Miyuki3:11 pm

    My favorite gesture is press one's hands together in front of the face. People use it when asking.

  13. Sayumi7:04 pm

    In Japan,I often use the gesture which is bowing without saying for greeting. It is used for people that I really don't know but I know faces each other. If you don't remember her name and so on, it is OK you just bow with saying nothing like "How's it going?" in Japan.

  14. My favorite gesture is to nod my head.It means that I understand or I listen to your talk when I talk to others.In Japan,it is a useful gesture in the conversation.

  15. Kunika10:20 pm

    In Japan, we match both hands before it eats and say "Itadakimasu". This gesture has the meaning, to thank you for the person who prepared meal and the life of meat and the vegetable.

  16. hiroki10:58 pm

    In Japan,we touch a lobe,when we surdenly feel hot!

  17. Chihiro12:00 am

    I'm interested in that behavior that
    raise forefingers of both hands and wrap forefinger with the other hand.
    It seems like NINJA,this gesture is used when
    they tell someone "I'll go home"
    But,it is hardly used.

  18. Erika8:44 am

    I'd like to intorodues Japan's unique gesture. To make the shape of the glass by using all of the five fingers, and taking the hand to the mouth like drinking once. It means "Do you wanna garb a drink?"

  19. Yoshihiro8:47 am

    When Japanese wants other people to be quiet, they put their forefinger in front of their face.

  20. Ryoji8:57 am

    In Japan, Japanese gives his or her both hand from the under up with both hands extended. That means Blessing, encouragement, and victory.

  21. Ryotaro9:06 am

    In Japan,sticking up one's little finger means "girl friend".But,it is only men that use the gesture.

  22. yuuma hayakawa9:06 am

    Making the circle from the finger shows money in Japan.I offen use!

  23. Yukihiro9:10 am

    My favorite gesture is gattupo-zu.It shows happy.