Monday, April 18, 2011

Toyo Gakuen University Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 1

business cards, originally uploaded by Tomasz Stasiuk.

Welcome to Introduction to Business English A. Today's class is a short introduction to the course. The purpose of today's class is to help you decide if you want to take this course, or not. First you will look at the course outline and the text book we will use. Click here to download the course outline:

Also in today's class we are going to learn how to make business cards. Click this link to make your own business cards:

We will use the internet to learn and practice new words. We will use an online flashcard site called Quizlet to learn and review vocabulary. Click this link to sign up for Quizlet:
Now let's review some vocabulary. Click here:

That's all for today. Please bring your business cards to class next week.

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