Friday, April 22, 2011

応用英語I-2A Reading 2011 Lesson 1: Introduction to the course and the textbook - Whodunit?

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to learn about this course, and about the textbook. First let's look at the textbook. The textbook is called Whodunit? What do you think Whodunit means? You can check your answer. Click here for the answer in English and click here for the answer in Japanese.
You can see the cover of the textbook below.

One of the authors of Whodunit is my friend Marcos Benevides. Mr. Benevides is the man with dark brown hair on the left side. The other author is Adam Gray. Mr. Gray is the man in the middle wearing a silver striped tie. He is standing next to the Duke of Edinburgh (エディンバラ公爵フィリップ王配). Whodunit won the Duke of Edinburgh Award! It's a great book. You'll really enjoy it.

Photo by Roland Kemp

In this course you will read the first story in Whodunit called The Inverted Eagle" and you will do various tasks. After that you will have a quiz. There will be a quiz every week.
You will also use this blog. Let's learn how to subscribe to this blog.
Now let's learn how to use Quizlet.
Please click this link: Introduction to Quizlet (Quizletを始めるにあたって)
We will use Quizlet to learn new vocabulary this semester.
Finally, please leave a comment. Tell me about yourself.
See you next week!

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