Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語I-3B Writing Unit 8: Movie Review Part 1

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to start a new task. Today we will learn how to write a movie review (映画批評記事). After we finish writing the review, we will make a video. Look at the videos below. They were made by students at Shibaura Institute of Technology students.

Watch the videos. What are the names of the movies?

Next, look at the words below:
science fiction, crazy, scary, exciting, beautiful, wonderful, complicated, inscrutable, love story, great, weird, , cool, violent, interesting, comical, moving, horror, grotesque.

How do you say these words in Japanese? Click this link: SPACE ALC. Find the translation.
After that, watch and listen to the movie reviews. match the words with the reviews.

Example (例) science fiction - Resident Evil

First, let's review some vocabulary. Please click this link: 基礎英吾ステップ1

Now let's practice typing. Let's practice typing with some new games. Please click the links and play Alpha Attack and Air Typer

Next, let's get started. Please turn to page 73 in your textbook.

Finally, please leave a comment. What's your favourite movie? Why is it your favourite?

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