Friday, November 19, 2010

I Can

American president Obama famously said, "Yes we can", but so many people think that they can't. These people need to change. The world is changing, and that is good. Change is good. Everyone can change. As the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly said, "You can change on your death bed".

A great teacher in India called Kiren Bir Sethi has taught children that they can change the world. Please watch her video. You can watch with subtitles. Look at the screencast to see how to do it.

Now click this link to watch the video:

キラン ビア セイシ: 子どもたちに “I can” と教え

Another great teacher in Nagoya called Chuck Sandy saw Kiren Bir Sethi's video and he was inspired. He has brought her idea to Japan. He is working to help young people in Japan change the world. He is working to help people change the world with an organisation called Design for Change Japan.

Today, I will go to Nagoya. I will go to Nagoya for a big teachers' conference. It's the JALT conference. At the conference, I will meet Kiren Beth Sethi and Chuck Sandy and many other great people at a Design for Change event. One of Chuck's students recorded a song for the event. You can listen to the song.  Please watch the video below.

See you next Wednesday. I can't wait to tell you about all the things I learned at the JALT conference.

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