Friday, November 26, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語I-2B Chapter 5 Review and Chapter 6 Preview

Hello everyone,
Recently Marcos Benevides and Adam Grey, the writers of our textbook, Whodunit,  won a very big award. They won the 2010 HRH the Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union Book Award. In the photo below you can see Marcos and Adam with Prince Philip. Marcos is the man on the far left. Marcos is standing next to Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. Standing on the other side of Prince Philip is Adam. On the far right is Alastair Graham-Marr. Alastair is one of the owners of Abax, the company that publishes Whodunit.

I think it's wonderful that our textbook has won an award. Congratulations Marcos, Adam and Abax!

Photo by Roland Kemp
Ok, we are going to review Chapter 5 and preview Chapter 6. We are almost at the end. Are you excited?
Let's learn some vocabulary. Please click this link: 応用英吾1-2B Reading Vocabulary.

In Chapter 6 we learn who is guilty of the murder. Who do you think did it now? have you changed your mind? Please leave a comment.


  1. Megumi Ishida12:45 pm

    1.Maybe painting vault was swich.

    2.Maybe muder is blackmail be related.

    3.Maybe Leo mench.Because Leo mench knows about blackmailer was Terry.

  2. kenshi t3:06 pm

    I thought Billy did it.But now I think Ling is the guilty.there was no gunshot at the night of the crime because the killer used a silencer.
    Generally silencer is not selled anywhere.But I think Ling could get it because her husband is a CIA spy.And I think having an affair and blackmailing are related to her motive.

  3. Eriko S4:41 pm

    I thought the killer was Billy but now I think that Leo Mench killed Terry. Because he was blackmailed, and he knew that a blackmailer was Terry.

  4. TAKASHI Y5:25 pm

    I thought guilty of the murder is Roland Walker.
    Because he very anger to Terry.

  5. Chika T8:53 pm

    I thought the killer was Billy but now I think Roland Walker.
    Because his shop was broken by Terry and his sister, Sara, was hit by Terry.

  6. Ami K9:35 pm

    I thought the killer was Billy but now I think that Roland killed Terry.
    Because he cares about Terry's wife Sara very much.So,he killed to protect Sara from Terry.

  7. Michinori K11:06 pm

    I thought murderer was Billy. But now I think murderer was Ling. And, I think that maybe Ling asked Terry to get Ross Curran's painting which was in Leo Mench's vault and switch with fake. I have two reasons why I think them. The first is that maybe Ling wanted to end relationship with Terry. The second is that Ling loved Curran's painting and had many the paintings, so I think that she could prepare the fake. If Ling knew that Terry blackmailed Leo Mench, I guess that Ling killed Terry while he switched with the fake to pretend that Leo Mench killed Terry.

  8. T.Taira11:56 pm

    Hi, I'm Takaaki.
    so,I think the answer of No.3 is Roland Wallker killed terry sweet.
    because terry broke into Roland's camera shop,
    and terry didn't care of his wife who Roland's sister and Billy Stemper told Roland that terry stole six camera from Roland's shop and let sell these. but,Roland said don't tell about this to police. I try manage this.
    well I think Roland have alibi and motive.
    It's my reason.

  9. Nagisa.N10:41 pm

    I thought the killer was Billy but now I think that Roland wallker killed Terry Sweet.
    Because his wife Roland sister and Terry was broken the camera shop.

  10. Nagisa.N12:40 am

    I thought the killer was Billy but now I think Roland Walker.
    Because Terry's waife Roland's sister and Terry broken Roland camera shop.

  11. Hiromu.S12:02 am

    I always thought that Telly was killed by Billy until I read chapter 5.
    But, I changed my mind since learned about Ling's husband in chapter 5.
    Now I think Ling who killed Telly. Because she can bring out a her husband's gun.