Monday, May 24, 2010

Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 6

Image by lumaxart

Hi, today we are going to start Unit 3: Problems. In this unit we will learn how to report a business problem, how to complain, and how to solve a business problem.

Let' s start with a video. Please click this link:

Now let's study some vocabulary. Please click this link: TYG Introduction to Business English A Vocabulary

OK, now please post a comment below. Tell me a problem that you have in this class..


  1. Natsuko Suzuki2:25 pm

    This class is interesting.
    so No probrem.
    See you soon.

  2. haruna sasaki2:27 pm

    it is dificult for me to this class,
    but i will do my best.

  3. Hi Natsuko.
    Thanks for the compliment, but I can't believe that you have no problem in this class.
    Hi Haruna,
    What exactly is difficult? Please come to Self Study Support. You can get help there.

  4. Rina matsushima5:51 pm

    This class is very difficult.
    But it is interesting!
    I will study very hard!

  5. ayami katagiri5:54 pm

    this class is not easy.
    but mr.stout is like.

  6. Yumi katsumata5:58 pm

    This class is difficult for me.(;_;)
    So i will do my best!

  7. Hi Rina, Ayami, and Yumi. Why is the class difficult?

  8. Yuka Anazawa2:44 pm

    This class is difficult for me.
    But I think remain important thing to me never give up till last class.
    So I hold out every class.

  9. I have no problem,but little difficult for me.
    However It's good for me, so it mean is power up!!

  10. Hi Yuka,
    I admire (称賛する) your perserverance (忍耐). I think that if you do your homework, prepare for class, and review your class notes, the course will become less difficult.

  11. Yuko Miyaki7:30 pm

    Hi Mr.Stout
    This class is little difficult for me.
    But I want to learn a language that is useful in this class.
    So I struggle to improve oneself!

  12. Miho Ishii11:08 pm

    Hi Mr. Stout
    This class is so fun every week.
    But I need to try a little harder.
    So, hang on with all one's might!!

  13. Kazuki tsukagoshi11:50 am

    Hello Mr stout!!
    This is kazuki

    I have a problem in your class
    my problem is that if I finish my work I will do some different thing
    I should do next task

    Thank you

  14. Toru Susa12:37 pm

    Hi! Mr. Stout
    This class's pace are so slowly for me.
    Also I have so much boring.
    I want to do something in my free time.

    See you soon.

  15. Hirona Iwafuchi12:49 pm

    This class is very fun.
    But,I think so difficult.
    Please you speak in English a little.

  16. Hi Kazuki,
    If you finish your work early, please help the students near you. If you help them, you help me too. Also, teaching your friends helps you learn. Also, you can do or English Central after you help your friends.