Monday, May 31, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 7: Unit 3 Case Study

Hello everyone!
Today we are going to do the case study at the end of Unit 3. Unit 3 is about problems. Click this link: Mr. Bean's Holiday. Watch the video. What problems did Mr. Bean have on holiday? Now click here to join my class on English Central.
Next, let's review some vocabulary. Click this link: TYG Introduction to Business English A Vocabulary.

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Stating the problem, making a complaint, and finding solutions are all important skills in business. Today you will practice these skills by doing the case study on pages 28,29 of your textbook.

After you finish post a comment. Have you ever had trouble on a holiday? Have you ever had a problem with a product you bought? Tell us about it.

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