Friday, May 07, 2010

応用英語1−2A Reading Lesson 4: Chapter 1 Review

Hi! Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed Golden Week.
Today we are going to review Chapter 1. After that we'll take our first quiz. The we'll start Chapter 2.
Let's look at the mind map below. Click the mind map to make it bigger.
Click this link:
Please read the notes I have added. BIG HINT: the notes are important for the quiz
Now let's review some vocabulary. Please click this link: 応用英語1−2アA Reading Chapter 1 Vocabulary List.
OK, now review your notes with the members of your group.
Now, let's do the quiz. Good luck!
After the quiz, please post a comment. What did you think of the quiz? Why?


  1. ayami2:27 pm

    I get up at 9o'clock.
    My breakfast is bread.
    I go to school at 11:30.
    I go to bed at 2o'clock.

  2. I get up at 8o'clock.
    I have not eat breakfast everymorning.
    I go to school at 10o'clock.
    I eat lunch with my friends at 12o'clock.
    I go home at 17o'clock.