Monday, April 26, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University Introduction to Business English Lesson 3

Hi, todays lesson is about describing people. Today we will learn how to describe ourselves and we will learn how to describe others.

First let's review some vocabulary. Please click the link: Introduction to Business English A Vocabulary.

Next we are going to read "Meet Jeffrey Immelt" on page 9 of your textbook, but before we read about Jeffery Immelt, we are going to think about the topic.

Look at the picture. This is Nobuyuki Idei (出井伸之) He is the former CEO of Sony. What kind of company is Sony? Talk about it with your partner. Use your imagination (想像力). Answer the questions below:
1. Is this man rich?
2. How many days a week does this man work?
3. How many hours a day does this man work?
4. What are his interests and hobbies?

Now read the article about Jeffrey Immelt. After, do the activities on page 9.

Have a great Golden Week!


  1. Hi,Mr.Stout:))
    genki?? wowww you're putting some Japanese on your blog neee:D
    I just wanted to tell you that I changed my URL for my blog. I was too lazy to write my blog but I'm on break now so I'm free;))HAHA well I hope everything is very smooth/good over there:))

  2. Hi Gina!
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yes, sometimes I need to use Japanese on my blog. I'm studying Japanese using, but I'm still not good enough to start a Japanese blog. I see that you are blogging in Japanese now. Aren't you still blogging in English too?
    Hope all is well at Temple, and please tell Dr. Rosenkjar I said hello.