Friday, April 09, 2010

応用英語I-2A Lesson 1: Introduction to the course and the textbook - Whodunit?

Well, today is the first day of the new academic year. I hope you enjoyed the break. This is also the first time I've taught this course. I'm really excited about it. We will be using a new text book called Whodunit.

One of the authors of Whodunit is my friend Marcos Benevides. You can see Marcos in the picture below.  The other author is Adam Gray.

There are two detective stories in Whodunit. This semester, we will read  the first one, called The Inverted Eagle.

Do you like detective stories? Detective Conan is a popular detective story in Japan. Watch the video clip from a Detective Conan cartoon. Listen and read the subtitles (字幕). What do you think is the Japanese translation of the following words: murder, investigate, case?

Now let's learn some useful vocabulary for understanding detective stories. Please click the link:

Finally, please post a comment. Introduce yourself.


  1. TAKASHI Y12:08 pm

    Hi,MrStout.My favorite magazine is driver.

  2. Yuka W12:10 pm

    Hallo Mr.Stout.
    My favorit book is haganenorenkinjutusi.

  3. Michinori K12:10 pm

    My name is Michinori Kato.
    My favorite book is BLEACH.
    See you again.

  4. Yuuki S12:10 pm

    Hi Mr.Stout.
    I live in Chiba.
    My favorite book is Tosisyunn.

  5. MasahitoW12:10 pm

    I'm Masahito Watanabe.
    I'm live in Tokyo.
    My favorite book is Hajimeno ippo.

  6. Yuichi.K12:10 pm

    My favarite reading is "Death note".
    Death note is a comic.
    It is many many word's of one page.

  7. Yuya T12:10 pm

    Hi Mr.Stout.
    My name is Yuya Tsukamoto.
    I live in Nagareyama.
    My favorite comic is onepiece.

  8. Yutaka K12:10 pm

    Hi,Mr.Stout.My favorit book is Mr.Keigo Higashino's "Detictive Garireo".

  9. Hi Mr.Stout!
    I'm Ami Kurihara.
    I live in Kawasaki
    My favorite books are manga of mystery(Conan & kinndaichisyounenn no jikennbo).

  10. Hideaki T12:10 pm

    HI mr stout
    HI Im Hideaki
    My favorite books is japanese comics.

  11. Kana N12:10 pm

    My favorite book is Manga.
    But I don't like read book.

  12. Anonymous5:22 am

    This is Adam, the other author! I hope that the class and book go well. Please let me know if you have any questions, problems, or comments:

  13. Hello Adam,
    Thank you for your comment. What a great surprise!
    We're looking forward to receiving the hard copy version of the book soon. So far we'rve enjoyed reading the story. As you can see from the comments above, some of the students already like the genre.
    Thanks again!