Monday, April 19, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University Introduction to Business English A Lesson 2

Hello everyone! I hope you did your homework because today we are going to learn how to exchange business cards.

Please look at the picture on the left. The picture is from a useful webpage called work etiquette. What mistake is the man in front making?

Next, let's watch a video about exchanging business cards, then let's do a quiz. Please click this link: Exchanging Business Cards.
OK, now let's review some vocabulary and learn some more. Click this link please: TYG Introduction to Business English A Vocabulary

Now let's start using our textbook. Please turn to p. 6.
Finally, let's write a comment. Please tell me why you chose this course.


  1. hirotaka.o4:10 pm

    Dear Mr. kelly and Ms. Gargagliang,
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    hirotaka oyama.

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    Dear Mr.kelly and Ms.Gargagliano.
    Thank you for your message.

    My name is Tatsuya Matsumura.

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    Dear. Mr.kelly and Ms.Gargagliang,
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    sincerely Syunsuke

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    Thanks you for having hope in me.
    Chen xuyong