Friday, April 20, 2007

Toyo Gakuen University FE4 - Speaking

This week our lesson was about meeting people. Therefore, I have posted a video to help you practice meeting people. This is a video podcast called The Daily English Show. It's done by a teacher from New Zealand. You can subscribe to The Daily English Show through iTunes. The show has four parts: The introduction, Stick News, Conversations with Sarah, and Question/Answer.

You can read the English script by clicking:

You can read the Japanese translation by clicking:

Your homework is:
Follow the instructions in the third part - Conversations with Sarah.

  1. listen and repeat.
  2. practice the conversation.
  3. When you're finished click comment.
  4. Write a comment about the video.
  5. Sign your comment. Write your class name, your first name, the first letter of your last name, and your seat number.
For example:

Hi Mr. Stout. This homework was interesting and fun.
N05 Toyotaro D. 01

Your homework is due one week from your last class.

If you want you can get more practice on The Toyo Gakuen University English Lounge website, or just come to the English Lounge and have a chat. I'll be there at lunch time.


  1. Anonymous12:17 pm

    This homework is very difficult.

    N06 Asami K. 12

  2. N5 Takuro 11 S1:04 pm

    very difficult.but it`s little fun.

  3. RYOUHEI.O1:05 pm

    This vedeo is very deffurent!
    I'm not understand,,,(~o~;
    Next homework do my best.

  4. Hello Mr,Stout.
    You are great teacher!
    See you next Friday.

  5. Hi N05 students,
    Thanks for your comments.
    There is a Japanese translation of the video on:
    Too difficult=Help!!

    If you need help, please come to see me in the EEDC office (room 2306)

  6. minato4:55 pm

    Hi Mr.stout.
    This homework is difficult.
    I felt it very early.
    See you again.

    N05 Minato.T 12

  7. Hi Minato,
    Thanks for doing you homeowrk so quickly.
    See you next week.

  8. Yoshikazu12:38 pm

    Hi! Mr.Stout!!
    I'm Yoshikazu N6 class.
    I grad see you♪

    I'm sorry・・・
    I'm very late your classes.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

  9. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Hi! Mr.Stout. Homework is very difficult. But very fun.
    N6 16 Tkanori.T

  10. Hi Mr.stout.
    This movie is difficult for me.
    Next homework is easy please!
    N6. 15 Yoshitaka sato

  11. Hello! Mr. stout!
    This homework was very difficult, too.
    Though I do not understand a meaning of homework very much, I write comment about a video.
    Sarah is a very beautiful person!
    The word that I was used to that I called Shizuka Arakawa and Koizumi came out, and there was English conversation and was interesting at all.
    Then it is the next class again!

    N5 Aya,O 3

  12. Hello, Mr. stout.
    This homework is difficult.
    I am poor at English.
    Then please spend happy consecutive holidays.

    N5 mio,k 6

  13. Misako1:07 pm


    This homework was difficult!

    I did not understand the name of a musician.
    I'm sorry.

    Let's meet you re-next Friday.

    1N05 misako k 22

  14. Anonymous1:33 am

    Hello. Mr.stout.
    I'm Yuusuke.
    I don't adjust to computer, so I had difficulty for come to here.
    I think that I mistake English.
    Please forgive my poor English.
    Now, about the video.
    I understand video of structure. but I don't understand video of guts.
    I think that video introduces about Sizuka Arakawa.
    I feel that this inroduction is fast for me.
    About listen and repeat.
    I think that captin is good.
    because I can't listen well.
    I think that this kind of homework is very good to adjust English.
    N07 Yuuske K.06

  15. tomoyuki12:51 pm

    Hello Mr.stout!!
    How are you??
    I love Canada.Before I went go Banf!!It was very very cold , very beautiful and many snow.
    Next week I want talk you!!
    see you again!
    Have a nice day !! I

  16. Hello,Mr,stout
    I'm Naoya.
    This homework was at a loss!
    Please next homework very very easy!

  17. Hi again my TGU students.
    Well, obviously I made a mistake. Most of you thought this homework was too difficult. I will give you very easy homework next time.
    I'm sorry.

  18. Masumi Kumasaka12:08 am

    Hello, Mr.stout.
    I don't know...
    What singer's name?

    Ti is difficult for me.

    But Sarah is beautiflu.

    See you in class!

    n708 Masumi Kumasaka

  19. N07 Hideaki D.159:17 pm

    Hi Mr.stout.
    This homework was difficult for me.

  20. Anonymous11:30 pm

    this video speakers English is very quickly.
    N07 Masaki S 10