Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Other Schools: Takushoku University and Shibaura Institute of Technology

On Tuesdays I teach at Takushoku University. My classes are at the Hachioji campus. I teach four classes: English Speech 1, a presentation course and English 1, a four skills course focusing on vocabulary and the TOEIC test.

Takushoku University, known as Takudai, is especially well known for martial arts (現代武道). Doug Rogers, a Canadian judoka, was a member of Takudai's team. He won a silver medal in judo (柔道 ) at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Takudai is also known for Asian studies. It has language programmes in Bahasa Indonesia
and exchange programmes with Indonesia too. One of my students last year was an exchange student from Indonesia.

On Saturdays I teach at Shibaura Institute of Technology. I teach Global Issues and English Listening Comprehension.

S.I.T is a prestigious university specialising in engineering and science. Its president is Leo Esaki, a Nobel laureate.


  1. Tomoyuki_N2:51 pm

    Hi Mr. Stout.
    A class was very interesting.
    I look forward to next.

    N5 Tomoyuki_N 16

  2. Hi Tomoyuki,
    Thanks for your kind comment.
    Did you practice speaking with Sarah?
    Your homework was to practice speaking with Sarah using the video posted on the twentieth of April.
    See you in class.