Monday, April 02, 2007

Kona and Honolulu Holiday in Paradise Part 7

In this blog entry I'll tell you about my trips to Kona and Honolulu.

On March 20th my wife and I drove to Kona. On the way there, we stopped for lunch at a nice restaurant next to a marina. I had a Philly Steak Sandwich.

After that we went to Cosco. I bought 3 Aloha shirts for only 30 dollars. Then we went to Kona. By the time we got to Kona it was dark. Before bed we relaxed on the balcony. There are no coqui in Kona so we couldn't enjoy the coqui singing. Still it was nice. The next day we went to Waikoloa beach. We spent the day swimming and laying on the beach. We also read. I really like to spend a day at the beach with a good book. We did the same thing the next day. After that we returned to Hilo.

Back in Hilo we spent most of the time relaxing. Two of the meals we had were really special. First, we had Loco Moco. It's a popular Hawai'ian breakfast dish. There are many kinds of Loco Moco. The one I had was made of rice with spam, Portuguese sausage, hamburger and a fried egg on top covered in gravy. We had Loco Moco at a famous restaurant called Cafe 100. Cafe 100 has been destroyed by a tsunami twice.

The other special meal we had was another barbeque at Mr Turchi's house. We had barbequed tuna, roasted onions and potatoes, asperagus and salad. Ono Kine grindz!!

We also ate some delicious sweets before we left Hilo. We went to Big Island Candies.

There were many Japanese at Big Island Candies buying omiage. For information about Big Island Candies in Japanese click here.

Finally we left Hilo and flew to Honolulu. We spent two days at Waikiki relaxing, reading and swimming.

The end


  1. yusuke12:05 pm

    I've never been to Hawaii =(
    So I want to go to Hawaii too!!

    Who took those photos?
    it's nice job!

    How is the beach?
    different to Japan's beach??

    Please tell me about your trip!!

  2. Shouin F12:05 pm

    This picture's sea and sky is beatiful.I think so the other special meal is very delicious.

    I want to visit Kona and Honolulu.

  3. Saori.I12:06 pm

    I read it.
    Did you enjoy your trip to Hawaii.
    You must be happy to be there.

    Hawaii's food look delicious.
    Iwant to eat Loco moco.
    And I want to go to Hawaii someday.

  4. Juri M.4:24 pm

    The sea was very beautiful.
    Teacher and wife's love love photographs were good.
    I wanted also to go to Hawaii.