Monday, April 02, 2007

Holiday in Paradise Part 5

In this blog entry I'll tell you about the luau I went to. A luau is a traditional Hawai'ian feast.

As we were returning to our car, we noticed that a luau was happening at the house on the edge of the lava flow. This is a special house because the lava stopped right in front of it. By a miracle the house was saved.

The luau that night was being held in order to raise money for a Hawai'ian school. The cost was thirty dollars. All the work for the luau was done by the students and teachers.
The menu at a luau is very special. One of the most famous dishes is called kalua pig. Kalua pig is a whole pig roasted slowly all day in an underground oven. The underground oven is called an imu.

The entertainment at a luau is very special too. There is music, of course, and hula. At this luau the music was played by teachers. The instruments that they played were guitar, contrabass, and Hawai'i's most famous musical instrument, the ukulele. We were very lucky at this luau because some famous hula masters were there, The Kanakaʻole family and Keali'i Reichel.

The picture above is the cover of the Keali'i Reichel CD that I bought.

Next time I'll tell you about our trip to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.


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