Saturday, March 31, 2007

Holiday in Paradise Part 3

In this blog entry I'll tell you about my third day in Hawai'i.

We woke up late again and had coffee on the veranda. He had Hawai'ian coffee. The Big Island is famous for coffee. The most famous coffee comes from Kona but ono coffee comes from Hilo too. After our morning coffee we had left-overs (残り物) for breakfast. After breakfast we did some sightseeing. One of the places we saw was Rainbow Falls . There were many Japanese tourists there.

After our sightseeing we went to a restaurant for dinner. We had pizza. After dinner we went to the Palace Theatre in Hilo to see an Austarlian Aboriginal dance troupe.

The dance troupe also performed the dances of the Torres Strait Islanders.

After the show, we went back to Mr Turchi's house and relaxed on the veranda and listened to the coqui.

To be continued...

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