Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Writing 2 Spring 2014 Weeks 11 & 12: Task 3 - The Comparative Essay

Hello everyone, Today we are going to write the first draught of our comparative essay. First, let's watch a video made by an American student in Nagasaki called Hannah. Take notes as you watch the video, and answer the questions below.


  1. What were the two housing options Hannah had to choose from?
  2. What problem did Hannah have before she went to Nagasaki?
  3. What does Hannah say about the pros and cons (賛否両論) of living in the girls' dorm at Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies?
  4. What are the good points and the bad points about the dorm cafeteria?
  5. What does Hanna say about the office staff?
  6. What facilities does the dorm have?
  7. How does Hannah's dorm room in Japan compare to the dorm room she had in America?
  8. What does she love about living in the dorm?
  9. Why didn't she choose a homestay?
  10. What questions do you have for Hannah? Write one and post it as a comment on her YouTube Channel.

OK, now start writing! Write a four-paragraph comparative essay about two types of housing. Your essay should be at least 300 words long. Please submit your essay to my mailbox on the 4th floor of the Foreign Language Centre by Wednesday 9th July at noon.                

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